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Good Quick Release

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I had two requests to give more info. So let me start at the very beginning.


Well here we go. Like I said in part one my son and I have been romantically involved for five years now. My story will start about two months before our first encounter.

We always got along very well, since there is only less than seventeen year difference in our age. I know what you're thinking -she was busy at a young age. Well yes I was.

Every morning the two of us would ride the commuter train in to the city for work. If there were no seats we would stand. He would hold the pole and also hold me. His arm around me. I would look forward to this time, standing so close. I could sometimes feel he was getting a little excited and liked this time as much as I did. If the train was very crowed I would sometimes push up against him to get him going and feel him through my skirt. During this time my pussy would throb with excitement. When we got off the train we kissed each other good bye. The kisses went from a kiss on the cheek to a light kiss on the lips.

When we were home we would sometimes give each other a playful pat on the ass. Then we would go down to relax and watch T.V. I would sit next to him. Real close. Always make a excuse of being cold to sit with my head on his shoulder as his arm went around me. I would then sometimes rub his upper thigh.

Upon going to bed after that I would lay still for a while. Trying to fight it but would always wind up releasing my own tension. I would masturbate alone before going to sleep. If I did not do this I would be up all night and wind up doing it any way. There was no doubt in my mind he was in his room doing the same.

Anyway the sexual tension was building in our house. Getting stronger and stronger by the day. I know I wanted it so badly and sure he felt the same.

One Sunday morning I came down stairs in nothing more than an over sized tee shirt. Covering me to a point. With nothing underneath. I walked over to the cabinet and made it my business to have to reach the top shelf. Doing this made my shirt rise giving him a very good look at my bare ass for the first time. All I could here him say was WOW...Great ass.As he slowly walked over to me lifting my shirt for another look. His hands all over my ass and inner thigh. As his hands went up my ass crack. He then turned me around facing him and kissed me like never before.

I looked at him saying are you sure you want this to happen? He said Oh yes for a while now. How about you? Are you sure? I was never more sure about anything. As I took him by the hand and brought him up to my bedroom.

It was the greatest sexual experience I ever had. After about three months I wanted him to move in to my room. We were getting together about three times a week anyway.

As the years went on we became exclusive with each other. Not seeing any one else. We would go out together and do things that other couples did. We were now a couple. After about a year we decided to exchange promises to each other. I now wore a ring and we refer to each other as my husband or my wife around others.

So I hope this brings you up to speed. He is my knight. He protects me makes me feel safe and also treats me like a queen. I treat him like a king. If he wants to try or experiment with a fantasy I never say no. If he can't sleep I sometimes just give him a quick release. Relieving the tension of the day and off to sleep we go.



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