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Good Past Part Three - Hot Discovery

Posted by: Age: 32 Posted on: 8 comments
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Watching my man's home made porn has led to some great orgasms..now there is great discovery into his desires!


I watched him drive down the street to the gym and took the stairs two a time to get to the laptop. I could feel my cunt drip as I dropped my pants and sat down..
I went back to that last video where the whore told my bf he had to live up to his end of the deal. I was dying to know what that meant. I hit the next video and it was my bf laying on the bed jacking off while watching porn on his laptop. Not the same one I had so apparently this one was newer. I could hear him breathe as he stroked his cock and heard the whore on the video call his name. It was the last video he had made! He must really like the thought of DPing this girl to cum reliving it right? I watched as he stood up near the bed and started pumping his cock into his fist and talking to the video.. That's right whore take those cocks.. you know you love it.. suck his cock and now swallow his cum..save me a taste..
WAIT.. WHAT? Did I hear that right? I listened again to make sure. He wanted to taste that guys cum! OMG I squirted watching it for the third time. I could not wait for the next video.
I got up to get a drink- all this cumming made me dehydrated. I got back to the laptop and opened the next video. He was face fucking that whore from the start and talking to her asking where her bf was. She gagged and coughed saying he could not make it til later but was dying to suck my bfs cock. He shoved his cock back in her mouth and came. I have never seen him cum so fast. It was incredibly hot and I came shortly after.
When the camera faded back in the whore was fucking her bf reverse cowboy so the camera could see it perfectly. My BF was standing with his dick pumping in her mouth. Her boyfriend was watching and asked to taste. God this is what I wanted to see! My BF knelt down and must have been getting a great blowjob from this guy because started pumping his ass and flexing it. I could not see though because whore was in the way! DAMNIT. I was furiously fingering my cunt and hoping she would get out of the camera.. shit she could go home for all I cared!
My BF moved around and looked like he was going to DP the whore. Instead she started yelling that his cock was going to rip her pussy, that two cocks were too much in her cunt. He said, "You are a real whore, you can take two cocks in that used cunt. I want to feel my dick in there against his while we fill you." The BF moaned hearing that and my bf shoved forward. She screamed in pain. I came. She started to moan as he moved now. My bf told her he knew she loved it and he loved the feeling of pussy on one side of his dick and cock on the other. How hot is THAT? He asked the other guy if he liked it and he moaned yes, asking if he could cum on my bfs dick in there. My BF said yes, as long as he licks it off and can get it up again to fuck.
I was panting I was so turned on. This was literally the hottest porn I had ever seen! As the guy blew his load and practically screamed, my BF was sucking whore's tits. My man pulled out and I came the last time watching him get his cock cleaned by them both.
I heard a car pull in and shut the files, closed the laptop and lay there playing with myself thinking he would just find me fingering myself and join in. He came in all sweaty and stopped in the door watching as I pulled my nipple and rubbed my clit near orgasm. He immediately dropped his clothes as he undressed and got between my legs about to lick me when he smelled and felt the puddle of my juice. He asked me what had me all worked up. Do I tell him?



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