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Good Morning Sunshine

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Good Morning Sunshine:
The sunshine is liquid but I love to lie in bed and listen to the rain. I snuggle down deeper under the covers and let my hand reach down to rest upon my warm mons. I bypass my nipple play this morning because I want to have a quiet time just feeling my pussy and maybe touching it a little.
I let one wandering finger reach down and search for my clitoris. It is not yet awake so I gently rub the hood covering it... still no response... I take thumb and finger and dig deeper to where I can feel the hardening shaft of the clit lying down towards the roof of my vagina. I press enough so I can feel it as my fingers move up and down.. It does not take much to excite my clit now... I bring my other hand down and spread the lips to my inner labia apart so I can tease the entrance to my inside passage... I reach for the lube so I can feel the sensations better now.... I use a little on my clit.. it is starting to grow and come out from the hood... I slip one finger into the entrance and move it around so I can press a little up towards my belly... I want to see if I can feel my G spot.... it is too far away..
I try another finger... I spread the entrance wider as I press my two fingers deeper... now I can feel the rough ridges that are there to excite a hard penis as it is stroked in and out on the way to my waiting cervix...I do not need to find my cervix... I want to find the place where my clitoris emerges from the roof of my vagina...as I am rubbing faster and harder on my clit I can feel my deepest muscles tense and I am urged by their growing intensity to move faster with my fingers and press deeper into my vagina....the feeling grows more intense now... I spread my legs apart and move my hips upwards to make it easier to respond to my need for stimulation to all the parts of my womanhood...the feeling of growing tenseness spreads over my belly...I am hot...throwing the covers off I arch my back... my breasts thrust upwards and I reach for my nipple....now is the time when I want to rub and roll the nipples hard enough to make the feeling grow in my pussy... agressive rubbing and pinching sends a thrill of slight pain down to my pussy ...it is the final stimulant that I need to start the spasm ...
I feel it all now.... I leave my nipples and go again to my clitoris and rub hard there. digging as deep as I can into my vagina I feel as though I can't get deep enough...I push, I rub, I move my hips back and forth.. my legs are coming together to help tense the straining muscles...then they move apart again....my body is straining and thrashing now...I throw my head back and a deep sound comes from my throat and as my orgasm starts the sound rises to a higher pitch... I hear the animal sound in my ears and I feel the animal between my legs spring forth with a spasm that shakes me...
I cannot tolerate the pressure on my clit now... it is super sensitive...all I want is for my fingers to slow down as the spasm continues to roll over me.... I do not take my hand away as the spasm finally subsides... I slowly begin to feel a lassitude and all my muscles relax... then it starts again... slowly the tension builds but not as violent or as deep as before.... slow enough that I can feel all the wonderful sensations flow over my pussy as the sands feel the on-coming tide crash over the beach....washing the sands and leaving no sign to mark its passing.... the sands and I wait for the next tide when there will be a crashing roar and the tide of my lust will sweep out to sea to return and leave me smoothed out and relaxed.....
My morning is over...the rain has stopped and the sun is out....I must be about the business of the day but I know that when I again hear the rain on my roof I will search my pussy to feel the climax that will give me my great orgasm.



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