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Good Morning!

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I like the stories here. The story below was with my first love. Our names are changed for a lot of reasons. Our experiences are too precious to tell them all!


I was having the most wonderful dream... We were lying on the porch, our arms wrapped around each other. Too shy to look into her eyes, I gently dragged my fingers across her palm... What? My arm was being shaken! Somewhat startled, my eyes popped open. Lisa's face filled my field of view. Her finger lay on her lips saying 'quiet'.

Still a bit out of it, I squinted in confusion. Slowly I remembered we were in our sleeping bags in a gym. At my feet lay the chaperones. Above my head were other 'couples' like Lisa and I. Behind her were 15 or so sleeping co-eds, and behind me the 20 single guys who were with us on the spring break work project.

As I was now awake, she signed (a handy lover's skill in large groups) 'do you think anyone else is awake?' I looked carefully and listened. In the dawning glow all I saw were still forms, and heard a chorus of soft slow respirations. 'No, I think it's just us.' 'Good!'

With that she leaned over and resumed the sweet kisses I tasted as we drifted off to sleep. After a couple of deep tonguing kisses she pulled back. Again we craned our necks and assured ourselves we had not woken anyone. The picture of her smile that morning is indelibly etched in my mind. 'Quietly, gently, or we stop!' she signed. 'OK,' I nodded.

She lifted the top cover of her sleeping bag. Her tee shirt was rolled and tucked above her very round, firm breasts and her bikini panties barely covered the hair pointing between her legs. 'Your turn.' I lifted my top. There was no hiding my awakening hard-on poking over the stretched out band of my tighty whities. She giggled silently. We scooted as close as we could get to the open zippers of our bags. Once more we scanned our neighbors for signs of awaking. Still good!

Our hands quickly found their targets. Her skin is very sensitive and unexpected contact with an intimate spot is almost painful. I touched her belly just below her right breast and slowly circled around it. She sharply inhaled. I kept circling for a time while she grabbed Willie near his base. Our lips locked. Her breathing quickened. I rolled the eraser-sized tip as she pulled up and down on my fully erect member.

With her other hand she grasped my wrist. I pulled back afraid I had gone too fast. Her eyes were closed, and her face flushed as she guided my hand to the waistband of her bikinis. Wow! Normally she needs a mini-O before she can stand to be touched even near her most feminine center. As I slid my middle finger across her hair, her moisture showed her excitement. Parting her legs ever so slightly allowed my fingertip to quickly rim her opening. Her mouth clasped over mine, her breathing came in sharp blasts. Her hand closed tightly around me, the super-sensitive roll of my plum shaped tip touched the heel of her hand. She more wiggled than slid her hand up and down it's turgid length. I pressed towards her center dragging the pad of my hand over her extended clit. We pushed and pulled only a few times before I felt the electrical jolt of a huge orgasm. Her breath pumping into my lungs and the pressure of her squeezing thighs made me aware that she too had reached her peak as rope after rope jetted out of me onto my sleeping bag.

It was so intense we both passed into a post orgasmic nap. I next became aware of the world around me as I heard voices off in the distance. 'Isn't that cute, Lisa and Dan held hands all night.' If only they knew!



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