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Good Looking Friend Part 2

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This is a continuation of my post called 'Good looking friend', which in case the link does not work is on the 1st of December (this year).

Thanks for the comments Will, I hope you get another enjoyable 'solo job', it turns me on knowing people are jerking off to this.


My mutual jerk off story finished with, my friend 'Jack' and I humping and jerking cock to cock until we both came, I may have neglected to mention that we are both uncut. We had both loosened our grip on our cocks now, Jack was breathing heavily and I to my surprise found that I was panting as well. We were both covered in cum, each others and our own. My cock was the hardest it's ever been straight after cumming, it still felt like an iron rod and I couldn't push it down, not that I actually wanted to. This was pretty much my exact fantasy, the one I had been jerking off to for ages. 'Wow' Jack said, his mouth just hanging open, he looked so good in the semi darkness, completely naked, hard abs, cum on his chest, his hand still loosely over his cock and a dazed expression on his face. I guess I looked much the same to him, the only difference my brown hair, brown eyes and slightly less defined abs. Jack blinked a few times as though returning from somewhere far off, 'I'm still horny' he said. 'Me too' I replied, 'I could kind of tell' he said, and for some reason we both found this hilarious and burst into laughter.

'So...' he said suggestively looking down at my cock, 'I reckon we should not wait for the cum to dry, what did you want to do?' feigning thought I said, seriously 'Maybe we should play xbox?' I burst out laughing at the expression on his face, 'Or we could jerk each other off?' I said, he looked quite relieved and I laughed again. I was so relaxed naked in front of him, I guess seeing as we had just pounded our cocks together this was basically nothing. 'Ok, I want to try, something' He said, remembering what had happened the last time he said that I smiled again, my cock felt even harder, but I actually don't think it could've got any harder, so perhaps I just noticed it again. He went around behind me his cock still pointing upwards I felt the wet head touch the small of my back and his balls against my butt. He reached around grasping my cum slickened cock with his right hand, he must've taken some cum off his body, because his hand felt wet. His left hand came around the other side of my body and rested on my balls, he started fondling them gently pushing against the base of my cock through my sac. He hadn't started moving his right hand yet which was still wrapped around my cock. So I had started thrusting into it, which also had the effect of pushing back on his body, feeling his balls against my butt and squeezing his dick between our bodies, I think he must've started leaking as it felt really wet against me.

'Are you gonna start wanking me soon? ' I mumbled. He cleared his throat, but his voice still faltered slightly as he said 'So you want me to start do you?' 'Yeah, please', I said thrusting back against him, he groaned slightly as his balls and cock were squeezed between us. 'When you say start you mean now don't you?', 'Jack you are a real arse sometimes you know', It was his turn to laugh now as he started jerking me, excruciatingly slowly, his hand slipping and sliding at an agonisingly slow pace. Every time I started thrusting, he would stop moving his hand, but to combat this I would start rhythmically pushing myself against him, squeezing his cock. After what felt like an eternity I felt myself getting close, my breathing was becoming really ragged, and I gasped to Jack 'I'm getting close, please don't stop if I thrust this time.' I didn't get an affirmative, but I was too caught up in the pleasure to notice properly anyway. I was pushing my cock between his fingers, slicked as it was with more precum and the left over cum from our last orgasms. He didn't stroke me any faster, nor did he slow down, which I appreciated, I always cum the best when the orgasm builds slowly at the end. I felt the cum forcing its way through my cock and felt my whole body start to shudder, the cum was suddenly shooting from my cock, not as much as before, but it felt even better. To this day this remains my favourite orgasm, with the possible exceptions of the first time I had sex and the first time I jerked off. It was the first time I shot on my second orgasm, and for some reason my second orgasm always feels the best, even if there is less cum.

I had hoped to include in this part Jack's second orgasm but it is already too long and I have a matter that requires my immediate attention. I may have included too much detail, but these events are permanently etched in my mind, (of which I am grateful).



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