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Good Looking Friend

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Sorry for the length of this, I think I put in too much detail, I would appreciate comments of just how much people enjoyed it (would prefer positive comments)


I'd always thought my friend Jack (not his real name) was really good looking, the athletic, blue eyed, blonde hair, football player type. I've only ever loved girls, wanted to kiss, hold and be protective of girls, but that isn't to say I haven't been quite turned on by watching other guys particularly Jack in the locker room or at the beach. Therefore I kind of have to assume I'm bi at the least but it really doesn't bother me. I confess to having lots of fantasies about my friend Jack and a rather short guy (no less good looking, he also had darkish-blonde hair for those who are interested) called Daniel (not his real name). His equipment was, suffice to say, not proportionate to the size of the rest of his body, he was perfectly happy waving his big dick around the change rooms with his kind of arrogant smile.

To the story at hand however, Jack had invited me over to his house and said I could sleep in the same bunk bed as him (his brother whom he used to share a room with had moved out of the house just a few weeks before). We got back as the sun was setting, both of us pretty exhausted from playing football, him obviously doing brilliantly me... less so, but he was always relatively modest about his success. We stripped down and changed into boxers me with the usual trying to peak and to my surprise I could of sworn he looked straight at my dick, I had to turn around quickly so I didn't bone up in front of his eyes. I had jerked off three times the day before so I wouldn't be fighting boners the whole night - it didn't work. Before I go any further I am a bit less athletic looking than Jack my abs are less defined, I have brown eyes and hair and am about (funny how people always manage to sound imprecise when I'm sure everyone knows exactly) 6 inches when hard. We were sitting on the bottom bunk playing the first halo (it was quite new then I recall) he was kicking my ass coz I spent half the time doing math in my head to stop myself tenting in my boxers, through his fly I could just see his cock lying against his thigh, I kept on glancing at it I was surprised he didn't notice (he told me later he didn't or he would've been pitching a tent). I'm still not sure how we started talking about it but we were started chatting about Daniel's huge dick, just joking about how him being quite small his dick was probably half his weight.

The conversation was really arousing me at this point and I could see it was having the same affect on him. Just when I thought something was about to happen, I heard his dad calling out that he was going to sleep. Jack had jumped up opening the door and yelling out goodnight. As he got up I really did notice his semi, pushing out his boxers a good way. As he sat down again (and I think he did this on purpose) his dick poked straight out of his fly, still not completely hard, he was uncircumcised and looked a bit bigger than me. He smiled as I stared at his cock, stunned by just how perfect it looked, a big head and a nice big vein running down the right side, not really curving, it was the mirror image of my dick. He was hardening in front of me, the head swelling even larger. He said enjoying the view? About time I get a look at yours I think. I had lost the capacity to talk as well as move by now, so he just reached down in a slow move and pulled my boxers past over my dick, which sprang up and hit my tummy, leaving some precum on my skin, I think I let out a small groan at that point.

Wow Jack said staring at my dick, do you always have this much precum? I cleared my throat a bit and said only when I'm really, really turned on. He smiled again and wrapped his hand around my dick, this time I definitely moaned, his hand felt sooooooooo good on my dick, especially as it was all lubed up with my precum. I could see precum starting to form beads at the top of his cock, there wasn't nearly as much as was on my dick, but then he was moving his hand up and down fully wrapped around my dick and that really got the juices flowing. I remember moaning again as I reached over and put my hand on his dick, it felt so warm and was also quite different to holding my own dick. I reached around a bit awkwardly and started fondling his balls, both of our boxer shorts now down around our ankles, this was the first time he moaned and it sounded really loud to me, I started playing mainly with his swollen dick head and his balls and he moaned again, I could feel his balls starting to pull up closer to his dick, so I slowed up a bit. He had been jerking me with a full fist and he now started playing with my balls as well, damn that felt so good. I was getting really close now, and I could tell from the tightness of his sac was still on the edge. He got up suddenly and said he wanted to try something, he crouched down a bit facing me, while I was still sitting on the lower bunk. He put his cock up against mine so the bottoms were touching along the whole length - that felt brilliant. They were jumping against each other and pulsing we each wrapped a hand our fingers interlocking around our dicks and started jerking them, they were both pointed upwards. We were really close now and I felt his cock start to pulse big time. His first shot of cum flew out accompanied by a huge moan and his whole body shuddering. The feeling of his cock pulsing against mine, caused me to start cumming, ropes of cum were streaming out of our cocks up our chests over each other, some even hit my neck. We were both moaning and thrusting against each other as our orgasms started to fade.

We did similar stuff later that night and I will add what happened next depending on the comments I get from this one. I've emailed 'Jack' to get his response too, I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed typing it, I've been jerking off as I've been typing so I'm not going to last much longer, hope everyone has a great orgasm imagining me jerking off with my great looking friend.



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