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'Good Girls' Don't?

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Puh-lease! Give me a break from all this good girls don't, and girls that do are sluts crap


Now, I am English. I attend a really well known boarding school for girls in the UK. Yes, I know what you have heard about all girl boarding schools and if you only knew the half of it you would faint clean away. No, it is not a case of girl on girl, although that does happen. My school is, well, I suppose a 'fuckfest' sums it up. We can get boys any time we want, and it is so easy to get around the rules.

Here is my first story. I study music as an extra and we have a visiting music teacher. Because I study the classical organ that means lessons in the chapel in the organ loft. Up until last year I had a female teacher, but currently we have a male. He is middle aged, but, you know, that just makes it better! The first lesson I had I turned up in my tracksuit. It can get pretty chilly up there and the organ is not exactly the most decorous instrument to play. The next lesson though, I made sure to wear a very short skirt and no bra under my shirt. I made damn sure he saw my breasts and got a good look up my skirt as I got on and off the bench. I tell you, as I walked down the wooden staircase from the organ loft to the chapel floor my hand was in my knickers the whole way. I actually came in my knickers!

This kind of thing went on for four weeks with me flirting outrageously. Then, one day, right in the middle of the lesson he said to me. 'Lisa, are you THAT desperate for sex that you want a middle aged old man like me to feel you up?' There was something about the way he said it that just set me alight. I took his hand and put it right on my crotch. He rubbed me expertly through my knickers and made me cum. The damndest thing is, though, I never managed to get his hand inside my knickers. He would only rub me off through them. Still, its better than doing it yourself, right?

There were two of us who had lessons with him and eventually I got to comparing notes with Rachel. She is in the year above me and I met up with her in the organ loft where I told her about my lesson extras! Rachel smiled and told me that she too has had extras from him, but it seems he has gone a lot further with her. I don't know how it happened, but the next thing we had our hand between each other's legs and were rubbing like crazy. Rachel put her hand in my knickers and fingered me until I came in a series of sighs and a lot of pussy juices. Then she asked me to touch her bum. It felt a little gross to me, but she seemed to like it as my wet finger slid inside her there. I felt her cum through both holes.

Well, there is, as I said, girl girl sex in my school. It is usually quick and in places you wouldnt imagine. The teachers do keep a very close eye on us, but I know from first hand observation that five girls on my floor have lost their cherries this term, three play around with each other from time to time.

Me? Well I am still a virgin. I am not desperate to lose it, but if the right opportunity came along I would go for it. The thing is, I don't want to be slowly and romantically seduced. I am ready, and I know it. If the circumstances were right, I wouldn't mind getting screwed up against a wall, or over a desk or on the school playing fields. All I know is, I want it to be with a guy who knows what he is doing. I don't want boys my age. I know only too well that they can;t last very long and that they tend to treat you like a notch on the bedpost. I figure that a middle aged guy, preferably married too, will be too damn scard to blab afterwards.

Well, I am goint to treat myself now. Sometimes I like to masturbate where I might get seen and the college library is a pretty good place to go. I have done it there before and last time, I had a girl watch me full on the whole time. It was really erotic watching her breathing accelerate as I got close and eventually came. She didnt touch herself, but I can imagine the state of her knickers!

OK.. got to go play now.



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