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(Good Friends Are Hard) To Find

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No pun intended in the title of this. I have enjoyed a panty fetish for about 34 years of my life. During that time I have gotten my hands on the panties of many, many women and jacked off to their smell of each one. Family members or non-family members, it doesn't matter. When I was around 23 years of age my wife and I met and became good friends with this other couple. Over the next five years Jim and I became really close, doing almost everything together. One day we were talking about women that we both knew that we would like to make out with and all of a sudden Jim said, 'You know that Jill (my wife) is about the hottest woman I have ever met. I replied, 'Well I am certainly glad to hear you say that because I happen to think Patsy is the hottest. In fact I get a hard on every time I think about her and what I would like to do with her.'

Well, the ice was broken after that. Over the next few fishing trips Jim and I explored each other's feelings about our respective wives. We both agreed that we would love to have sex with the other one's wife but we knew that would never happen. So we did the next best thing. In talking I had asked Jim if he ever did anything with women's panties and he said something like, 'What wear them? No, I'm not into that.' I replied that neither was I but I sure was in to sniffing them. We agreed that on our next over-night fishing trip that we would both bring along a pair of our wife's freshly worn panties.

That next weekend we fished during the day and jacked off at night. The first night at the cabin, Jim took Jill's panties to the bathroom and jacked off in private. I did the same with Patsy's panties. But after that we did it in front of each other. Jim is now as much as a devoted panty sniffer as I am. We have shared other family member's panties with each other. I got a pair of panties that belonged to my younger sister and not only did I smell them and jack off, but I let Jim use them as well. Jim has two younger sisters and I have jacked off to both panties. Jim even watched me as I jacked off while smelling and licking a pair of his adult daughter's panties.

I have to admit that it is a real turn on to have in your hands a pair of worn panties of a woman and her daughter and smell and lick them while jacking off and talking about what you would like to do to them while the husband and father watches you. With the development of digital cameras, both Jim and I have taken pictures of our wives in various stages of undress, as well as in various compromising positions. Positions like on their back with their legs spread and masturbating or holding their lips apart. Looking at a close up of Patsy's pussy while smelling and licking her panties is even a greater turn on than having to imagine what she looks like naked. We also both have video cameras and have made movies of our wives doing just about everything that a woman can do. And some movies I am in bed with Jill as is Jim with Patsy. Having watched Patsy on film and smelled her panties as long as I have, I know her body and her sexual likes and dislikes pretty good for never having touched her. Masturbation is a wonderful thing. Sharing it with a good friend is even better.



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