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Gone Swimming

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Well, I am a overly horny guy. I like looking at pictures of hot girls naked all the time. I won't deny it. All of my close friends know this. Because of my so called 'horniness,' I usually have boners 95% of the day. When I was younger, this was a problem. Middle school was that time where you wanted to look nice for the pretty girl across from you but every time you think about approaching her, you get a hard one. Once I went to High School, I pledged to myself that I will not hide things like this (beyond reason of course). This meant that if I'm standing in the courtyard and I have a boner, instead of bending forward to hide it, I would bend backwards. I started discussing masturbation and other adult topics with my friends. One time my friends dared me $15 each to ask a girl out with the biggest boner I could get. I took them up on it.

'You know how $90 is going to feel right beside this boner,' I chuckled as I walked towards the girl. Her name was Melinda. She hard dark hair like Snow White's but it was long and straight. She wore fashionable girl clothes and usually had some sort of accessory to go with the outfit. Overall, I wouldn't mind going out with her. I tried to picture her naked on my way over to produce a hard on but no luck. I tugged a little bit which started producing what I wanted. A couple more tugs and reimaginations of her breasts and I was good to go. I approached her with my hands in my pockets and my cock pointing at the bullseye.

'Hey Melinda. How are you?' I asked in odd pitches.

'Ok?' She asked puzzled by my voice.

'You like swimming?' I asked trying to set the setting for the date.

'Oh my gosh! I love swimming! I have like over twenty bikinis!' she said ecstatically.

'Wow, well then I bet you wouldn't mind going with me to my lake house for the weekend. I really needed someone to go with me and all of my friends are busy.'

'Oh that would be great! Wait, do you mean in a pool or the actual lake?' she asked.

'Well, either one I guess.' Hook, line, and sinker.

'Oh, gosh I would love to go! Which color do you want me to bring?' I so dearly wanted to say transparent but I thought we could actually go somewhere.

'Um, white? How about I pick you up at 5:00 Friday?'

'Yeah, that will give me time to get all my stuff at home.' Well, the deal was closed. I could finally go get my money. Upon receiving my money, I told them that she actually said yes. They doubted that she even knew it was a date but who cares? I get to go swimming with a hot girl and I'm sure there will be some action.

I went to pick her up at five and she was all ready. She had a nice beach outfit and all her swim gear in a pretty purple bag. We rode quietly in my '86 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet with the top down and her long hair blowing in the wind.

'Nice car. How did you get it?' she seemed very interested in me.

'It was my Dad's car. When he started his job, he was already getting a good salary so he decided to splurge on a nice Porsche. He gave it to me only as long as I would share it with him.'

'Does he drive it much?' she asked.

'Oh yeah, he drives it like three times a week. When he had it, he drove it every day to work and then some.' We continued to talk about my Dad's passion for the Porsche and how hard it was for him to give it to me. We became increasingly closer to each other as I drove the long drive to the lake.

'Wow, this house is phenomenal!' she said as I drove into the driveway. It was a large regular looking lake house with screened in porches and lots of patio space. They only thing modern about it was the pool that was added on four years ago. As a part of my brother's 16th birthday, he asked for a nice pool at the lake house and that was exactly what he got. Other than the pool, everything was old.

'So, what shall we do first?' she asked.

'Well, we did come here to swim, right? You go get changed and I'll start on the burgers.' She asked for the nearest bathroom and I guided her towards it on my way to the kitchen to patty out the burgers. I was picturing her the whole time. She started to take her shirt off revealing her bra-less chest, probably because she was about to wear a bikini anyways. She slid her shorts all the way down to her ankles and then slid the panties off too. She did a little self-check before she put the bottoms on. She poked around her vagina opening and then fondled her breasts to see if they were perky enough. She then put on the top and she came right out of the bathroom. For all I know, she could have had an all out masturbation session right in my bathroom but there would be no way for me to know.

'Just leave your stuff outside and I should be out there as soon as I finish this last burger.' I pattied out the last one and took them all out to the already prepared grill. I layed each one on the grill as Melinda swam after a jump off the diving board. I realized I didn't even get a chance to comment on her swimsuit.

'I like your bikini,' I said.

'Thanks! I thought about wearing an all white one but I thought you might like the blue stripes.' I could really tell she liked to swim.

'Aren't you going to get in while they cook?' She seemed eager to have me in there.

'Well, there are only two so it should only take a few minutes. I promise I will get in after supper.' It looked like she wasn't too happy with my answer but she could live with it.

The burgers finished and she jumped out of the pool, hungry as can be. I had made beans and cole slaw and prepared lots of chips. I had some candles sitting at the small table and while she was sitting, I came over and asked her a question.

'Do you mind if I light these candles?' She nodded her head and clapped in excitement.

'I love romantic dates!'

'Oh sorry, we don't eat dates,' I answered hoping she would get the joke.

'Hah, funny. I can't believe you did this all for me! I knew you didn't ask your friends, you only wanted me to go. That was so sweet.'

'Well, who can resist your deep blue eyes?'

'Aww, well thanks. You know, not many people say that to me.'

'Well, they ought to.' I took a couple more bites and then she said something that startled me.

'You know, I must have been really REALLY pretty for you to get that boner you had,' she said completely surprising me. I nearly choked on my burger.

'Oh, I didn't notice. I'm so sorry,' I said nervously while lying.

'Oh, don't worry, I've taken Sex Ed so I know what the deal is. After all, it is a complement.'

'Yeah, I guess you're right,' I said in agreement. We talked about each other's past relationships and how they went and a few flirts here and there. It was already the first night and I already had her at the tips of my fingernails. After she finished, I took her and my dishes into the kitchen and went to change. I quickly changed knowing she really wanted to swim with me. As I walked outside, I saw that she was already back in the pool. It was getting dark outside so the lights were on inside the pool. I ran right to the pool and did a can opener. I swam back to the surface and she was waiting for me.

'I like your swim trunks,' she said playfully. I laughed.

'Are you a good swimmer?' She nodded and I went underwater and pulled her legs down. I swam as hard as I could towards the bottom and eventually let go.

'Aw, what a cheap shot. Tsk tsk,' she said. Before I could react, she pulled my pants all the way off and started swimming away with them. Instead of chasing after her, I decided to cover up. I stayed on one side while she stayed on the opposite waving my trunks in the air.

'Come get them!' she yelled across the pool.

'But I'm naked!' I yelled back.

'I don't care,' she responded. As soon as I heard that, I swam underwater straight towards her. As I got closer, she juked left and started swimming. I kept chasing her but slowed down just to keep on playing around. I eventually stopped because I was getting tired of just chasing her around and purposely not winning.

'Don't make me come hug you!' I heard her scream as I swam full speed ahead. I got right up to her and wrapped my arms around her back. I popped my head above the water right in front of hers. I could tell it was the right moment so I leaned in to kiss her as I hugged her tightly. My dick was obviously getting harder. She pulled away and then pushed me forward and started to make out with me. I could barely breathe and so I started to push for air. She just would not let me go! Just before I was about to give up, she let me go and I gasped for air at the surface. She slipped her top off and started to make out with me again. A few seconds later, I started gasping for air again. She let go again and then took her bottoms off. Both of us were now skinny dipping. She pushed me towards the steps and I sat on them once we got up to them. She grabbed my dick and pumped. She then submerged herself and jerked me off underwater. This was really erotic because I had always dreampt of this. She finished me off in about a minute and quickly jumped out of the water. I was surprised because I thought maybe I could do her.

'Why did you get out?' I asked curiously.

'I don't want to get pregnant, Josh.' I understood what she meant so I took my trunks and her bikini and hung them over the wash bin.

'You mind if I just stay naked for a while?'

'Uh, yeah. Sure.' We took this (being naked) as a mature way. We didn't feel up on each other the rest of the night. I popped some popcorn and asked her to start a movie. She picked one of my favorite comedies. We fell asleep near the end of the movie with her head on my chest. She looked so beautiful naked and I admired her body during the movie after she fell asleep. I couldn't believe this was the first night and I was sure there was much more to come.

Stay tuned for the Saturday Version of Gone Swimming.



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