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Golf Course Summer Job

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I got the perfect summer job last summer with a good friend of mine. In our neighbourhood there is a huge private golf course and the owners go out in summer months because of the extremely hot weather. We had to take care of it, what meant to check the main building daily and to control irrigating the grass, for which purpose we could use one or two open electric vehicles if they were recharged. All of our friends wanted to help us since the very beginning, even my friends sister asked him for joining us - I liked her so I also kind of pushed him to bring her once.

Very first day we went for a ride, everything was working well, and we found a small pond at the secluded place behind the trees. It was so hot and we wanted to refresh there but we hadn´t any swim suit. We knew each other for a long time so we agreed to swim naked, and it was great. After a while I had enough so I wanted to go out from the water. When I asked him whether we would go he answered he would stay because he had a hardon and didn´t want me to see. I also had some semi erection but went out and stayed naked for drying. I told him I didn´t mind seeing him erect so he finally went out with really a huge dick. When I saw it I started to grow and he figured out, so I told I was quite horny because I hadn´t masturbated for a while. We started to talk about masturbation and girls and without special intention I started to touch myself - first very slowly and when he did the same we both started to jack off openly. After we saw each other cumming we stayed naked and went for another ride each with one car we had there. It was a perfect crazy ride through all the area, we even forgot we might have been seen when closer to the fence. While driving I started to masturbate again and call him to join me, so eventually we ended parking somewhere and having circle jerk while sitting in the cars.

We repeated this daily for maybe one month, our parents were so happy how seriously we took our jobs. But less we took care about the grass more we masturbated, at least twice daily. One day when I thought I would be alone, because my friend went to some family trip, I decided the crazy thing. I got naked right in the main building and went for a ride just like that, leaving my clothes inside. I was masturbating while driving but I controlled everything, then went to the pond and was swimming. After it I was laying at some kind of rug and was seriously masturbating when I heard the horn of my friends car arriving. I thought he would be already masturbating there, as he liked to, so I didn´t mind and followed touching myself. To my surprise he was bringing his sister with him - I hadn´t even time enough to jump in the water. There was no doubt, she saw what I was doing. She asked me if I was masturbating there and when I admitted it she told me she knew her brother did it all the time, so I did not need to be worried. Well, I wasn´t worried about him, I was terrified she saw me. But then she did the great thing, she stripped to complete nude and went to the water. I saw her just for seconds but anyway she was great. Her brother seemed to be shocked but after a while he also joined us. She looked at him and told him she didn´t know he was already so mature. Nothing special happened that afternoon except I saw her beautiful body again when we went out and except she saw my hardon as I watched her, when we all stayed naked for some minutes outside the water. I had to cover myself with the rug and without any special comments we all went back. She joined us from time to time, but my friend always told me in advance.

This year we asked for the same job again but it´s not decided yet. Maybe they have found out on some cameras what we were really doing, who knows.



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