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Going To Robert's House

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My friend Robert is a few months older than I am. Growing up, I went to his house almost every day after school, and even in highschool, I'd go to his house after he got home from football practice, which was about 4:00PM every day. Saturdays I wasn't allowed to go anywhere, because that was our family day, and we would often drive up the coast, or just have a family day at the house.

As we got older, we got closer. It was nothing to have an intimate discussion about our bodies, or girls, or jacking off. We had a swimming pool at the house, and once in awhile, Robert would come over to my house instead, and we'd go swimming. We had an outdoor shower behind the field house, where all the equipment was stored. We'd strip down and shower off the chlorine, in front of each other, often playing under the spray of water. The summer after I turned 16 was when I first noticed the difference in our development. I had grown a decent amount of pubic hair, and underarm hair, but my arms and legs were not as hairy, and I only had to shave once a week. Robert on the other hand was a beast! He had chin straps, and a hairy patch of hair on his chest, and around his nipples. He had a thick treasure trail, and a thick, wide bush of jet black curly pubes around a decent sized dick. He also had dark arm and leg hair, and his pits were furry too. He caught me eyeing him up one time, and joked 'When you grow up like me, I'm sure you'll have as much hair as I do!' I never did get any more hairy.

One day we were laying out in the sun, and Robert was complaining about his 'ass hair.' He said it was annoying, and sometimes when he wore tight underwear, he could feel it pulling. I said I was sure it wasn't long enough for that, and he turned over, pulling his shorts down. He spread his cheeks, and I noticed how thick his ass hair really was. I couldn't believe it. I reached over, and grabbed a clump of it, pulling lightly, and he winced, and whined about how that hurt. I laughed, and slapped his cheek. He asked if I'd noticed any hair in my ass, and I said no. 'Let me see,' he said, so I turned over, and pulled my shorts down. I didn't feel any hair, but I spread my cheeks for him. He probed at it, and I felt him poke my hole, which caused me to jump. 'Yeah, you're smooth as a girl back there.'

One night I remember spending the night at Robert's because of parent-teacher conferences, we didn't have classes the next day. I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and turned on the lamp between the two twin beds in Robert's room. I was shocked when I looked over, to see a large tent under his blankets. He was snoring, so I gently pulled away the blanket and sheet, and saw that his dick had peeked through the hole in his boxers, and was standing straight out. It looked enormous, and got wider toward the hole, but had lots of black curly pubes coming out of the hole as well, so I assumed it was longer than even that. I gently covered him up again, and did my business. I wondered if mine ever got that hard in the middle of the night. I had gotten hardons lots of times during the day, and once in awhile I'd jack myself off, usually cumming quickly. I never really fantasized about anyone, just focusing on the feeling of myself and the glow from jacking off.

One specific night that I recall, I spent the night as usual, during Spring break. The house was warm, and we only slept in our boxers. I didn't get up in the middle of the night, but I woke up on the floor, thinking that was weird. I remember laying there for a minute, hearing birds chirping and singing through the window, and the bright sunlight shining down at my feet. I didn't notice any movement sounds, until I looked over toward Robert's bed, and seeing the end of his dick standing straight up, and he was jacking off. My eyes got wide, and I instantly felt a rush of adrenaline, that I was spying on my friend doing something very private (I thought).

I swallowed hard, and kept watching, curious about how long Robert would go on for. I was only used to two or three minutes tops with my jacking session, but he was taking his time, and slowly working his dick over. I felt myself becoming aroused, and didn't care. I almost wanted to sit up and join him. He was laying perfectly still it seemed, except for the movement of his hand on his dick. I watched intently, seeing the head of his dick slowly move from front to back slightly, with each pull of his hand. I watched for a few minutes, noticing how wet his dick had gotten. I didn't realize at the time, that it was precum. If only I'd learned earlier, how enjoyable precum is during your jacking off session. He would take little breaks from jacking, to spread his precum over the rest of his shaft, and dick head.

Pretty soon, I could hear the squishing of his hand over his sticky wet dick. He still didn't move, aside from his hand on his dick. I licked my lips, which had become dry, and continued to watch. I started to hear his breathing become louder, as his hand moved faster. He let out a long sigh, and started to erupt in a cum fountain. WOW! He came so much, I couldn't believe it. Some shots were higher than others, and I could even hear a couple splatter sounds as it landed on his body. His breathing was louder even still, and the squishing noises were so loud, I thought his Mom would've been able to hear them. I was so focused on his dick, that I didn't see him tilt his head up to look at me. 'Dude, what the fuck?' I was so embarrassed, I sat up stammering to apologize. 'I...I-I-I-I'm so sorry...I dddd....' 'It's fine, seriously, I didn't know you were up. You could've said something. I feel like a perv.'

I felt my face flush, and I kept my mouth closed, with nothing to say. I stood up, forgetting about my hardon, and turned to leave. 'You don't have to leave, seriously, it's fine.' He was slowly getting out of his bed, reaching for some tissues from the box by the lamp. He was mopping at his body, and I noticed his dick was still very hard, and very big, pointing straight out from the wet mass of pubes surrounding it. It looked like he was still cumming a slow stream. He was mopping at his chest, and stomach, mumbling about how he wouldn't have gone all the way if he knew I was watching. I interrupted saying 'I was just curious. I've never watched anyone cum before. Just myself. How do you last so long?' He looked at me curiously, and asked 'What do you mean? I didn't last that long. I usually cum two or three times.' My eyes got big...'Really? I only last once.' 'Then you're probably rushing it. If you take time to enjoy the experience, it can be great, over and over.' I was really curious now. He continued to mop at his chest and stomach, and then stood up, to wipe up his thighs, and under his balls, which were hanging low, with wet pubic hair plastered to them. He was still rock hard, and still dripping cum. 'God...I need to cum some more. Do you want to join me? You can watch again, but now that we both know you're awake, it might be weird.' I felt ashamed, but I said 'I'll join you.' He smiled and sat back down, leaning back against his pillow, and spreading the wet cum from his pubes, up and over his shaft and dick head. 'You want some?' He laughed as he reached his wet hand out. I gave a disgusted look, but slipped off my boxers, and lay on the bed across from him.

'Okay, now go easy and slow, because you want it to last, and enjoy yourself.' He started slowly jacking his dick again, and I followed his lead. The sound of squishing became loud again. He was almost giddy about it, as he jacked off, glancing over at me occasionally. 'Why are you smiling, and giggling?' 'I don't know dude, it's almost more exciting having someone watching me. I'm not gay, but I kind of like it.' I made a half laugh, and mumble. He asked me how I was feeling, and I gave a thumbs up. Truth is, I was as excited as he was, but didn't want to show it either. I still liked girls, but this was an experience only another guy would understand, and appreciate the feeling. 'Dude, you're precumming, look!' He pointed with his free hand to my dick, and I noticed I was oozing out a clear liquid, just like he did. He started spreading it around my dick head and down the top of the shaft. As more precum came out, I continued to spread it over my entire dick. Pretty soon, I was making squishing noises too. I was really enjoying it, but then all of a sudden I felt the rush of my orgasm, and I stopped what I was doing.

'What's wrong?' 'I'm going to cum already.' 'Do you want to cum?' 'I don't know. I was kind of wanting to wait for you.' 'I'll cum with you if you want, but I could go another round.' 'Okay, let's cum together then.' I started to jack off again, and he sped up his motions. He was breathing louder now, and so was I. I was moaning a little bit, and he moaned a little louder too, almost in sync with me. I let out a little gasp and whispered 'Oh, it's cumming...fuck.' He moaned back that he was cumming too. I started to shoot a lot of cum in the air, and couldn't believe how amazing this time felt compared to all the others. He was moaning loudly too, and I glanced over a couple of times, seeing him shoot cum in the air, and up toward his face. I didn't want the feeling to end, but it started to go away, and I slowly stopped jacking off, laying back against the bed, feeling the familiar heat come out of me, with the full feeling of pleasure. I let go of my dick, letting it flop against my stomach, as I lay there, enjoying the feeling. I heard the squishing noises still, and tilted my head up to look over at Robert's bed. He was slowly jacking off still, and I could see cum oozing out of his dick head. His eyes were closed, and he looked blushed all over.

He opened his eyes and looked over at me, smiling. 'Dude, did you like it' I nodded, and lay back again. 'I'm gonna go ahead and cum again. You can clean up if you want, or you can watch. I'm really digging this.' I grabbed some tissue, and mopped up my mess, while he kept jacking off, making the squishing noise again. I sat up and turned, with my legs over the edge of the bed, mopping at myself still. He used his cum to lube up his dick even more, muffling the squishing noise a little bit. He sat up, and got out of bed, walking toward his bathroom door. 'Have you ever jacked off standing up?' I said 'No,' As he stood in front of the mirror on the back of his door. I stood up too, and threw the dirty tissue away, and stood next to him, looking at him in the mirror. He was checking himself out, running his left hand up and down his body, rubbing the cum into his hair, and skin. He sped up his motions, and I noticed his stomach puff out as he groaned, 'Fuuuuuuck, dude I'm cumming again.' His eyes were fluttering, and rolling back in his head, as his lips parted, and his head tilted down. He kept jacking, as he started shooting cum straight out, splattering it against the mirror. I couldn't believe how much cum came out of him, and that he had jacked off three times in a row. From that point on, I made it a point to slow myself down, and enjoy the feelings. The only time I ever came more than once, was when I was so relaxed, I didn't move anything except my hand, up and down my dick. And then right after cumming, I sped up really fast, and made myself cum again.

After that day, I went to Robert's house almost three times a week regularly. We jacked off together a lot. When he turned 18, he got a girlfriend, and the overnights stopped for awhile. He told me to wait awhile. After I turned 18, I was invited over again. I had noticed over the past few months that Robert had really filled out, as had I, but not as beastly as he. We slept in our boxers again, and jacked off the next morning, as we had months earlier. We both stood in front of each other while we jacked, and I could see a lot more muscle definition, as well as thicker body hair. His hair had also grown out, and he had a prominent tan line where his swim trunks were worn. I'd also developed a tan line, but was more focused on his. His dick had grown a little bit too, it seemed. With his fist around it, his fingers no longer touched his thumb. Mine felt the same, but I'd also been looking at my own body for the past few months. We lasted quite awhile, but I was cumming sooner than he was, and I let out a deep moan as I shot cum straight at him. Some landed on his hand, and dick, and between his feet on the floor. We both laughed. 'Whoa, sorry bout that.' He shrugged, laughing. 'Dude, I'm cumming too.' He slowed his jacking, and then closed his eyes, and tilted his head back, as he shot ropes of cum straight at me. He got quite a bit all over my hand and dick, and even in some of my treasure trail. He continued jacking as he sat back, and lay down on his bed. I sat down on the edge of the other bed, and continued jacking as well. I sped up my actions, and built up another orgasm, shooting more cum out on the floor, where the dark spots from our other cumshots were. I let out a long sigh, and lay back, resting my shoulders, neck and head against the wall. I was slowly squeezing out the last few drops of cum, and I heard Robert moan loudly again. I looked up, as he shot more cum out, all over his body. He was slowly jacking, and looked over at me, smiling. 'Nothing's changed, huh?' I shook my head, 'Except, you've manned up and filled out a lot dude.' He laughed again, and thrust his hips up in the air, continuing to jack his dick. 'It's a different position, but feels great.'

He proudly displayed his dick straight out in the air, as he thrust his hips into the air, holding his hand still, and literally fucking his hand with his dick. He held onto his left ankle with his left hand, while he held his right hand over his thrusting dick, high up in the air. His chin was tucked tight to his chest, as he continued thrusting, and his voice sounded hushed as he told me he was cumming again. This time, he pointed his dick straight down, and shot more cum down the front of his abs and chest, catching some in his open mouth as well. I'd never tried that way before, and sat amazed, while he put on this show. After a few minutes, he relaxed, and lay flat on his bed. He was a mess, covered in cum, and kept his eyes closed as he wiped his cum into his body hair and skin. I went into the bathroom, and showered. I was getting out of the shower, and he went in right after me. We spent the rest of the time playing COD live, and talking about college. We had several other experiences after that, but this one has taken up a lot more time and space than I planned. So until next time...



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