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Going Out on a Limb

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I'm going out of my comfort zone to post this... hope you enjoy!


I have masturbated since I was about 12 years old, but only once have I ever shared it with anyone. Not from a lack of trying... but only because of a lack of willing partners. I was very repressed and never watched porn, had never done anything more than heavy kissing with a girl, and only saw pictures of naked women when I could sneak to the 7-11 when nobody else was in the store and guiltily buy a magazine (which I'd usually throw away after masturbating to it once or twice). I was pretty hopeless.

When I was in college I met someone online and quickly struck up a phone friendship. One night we were talking on the phone about movies, and we hit upon the subject of our favorite films. She mentioned the movie 'Pretty Woman' (remember, this was back in the early '90s) and I responded by saying that I thought Julia Roberts was exceptionally hot.

My phone friend seemed interested. 'Which part of the movie do you like best?'

'The part where she comes down to the lobby of the hotel wearing only a suit coat and she and Richard Gere go for it on the piano,' I replied. Just thinking about it made me start to get hard and aroused, and I heard myself blurt out, 'When I watch that scene I sometimes have to head to the bathroom and take care of things.' GULP! I couldn't believe I had just said that.

There was a short silence, in which I figured I was well and truly boned, and then my friend said, 'What do you mean, head to the bathroom?'

'Er, um...' I stammered. 'Well... uh... I mean I have to... relieve the tension... um... so to speak.'

'Oh,' she laughed. 'You mean you MASTURBATE.'

Holy crap! Not only did she not hang up, but she had said THE WORD, the one I never mentioned to anyone. Just hearing it made me at once guilty and very hard.

'Yes,' I admitted. 'That's what I mean.'

'It's perfectly normal,' she said. 'In fact, I masturbate all the time too.'

'You do?' I asked in wonderment. Amazingly enough, the thought had never crossed my mind before. I felt so relieved and emboldened by the knowledge that my 'dirty little secret' was not only shared, but approved of, by my friend that I decided to throw caution to the wind.

'I have to admit,' I said tentatively, 'I feel like masturbating right now.'

'Why don't you?' she asked.

'Will you masturbate with me?' I asked. I kept saying 'masturbate' like a magic word. I still couldn't believe I was saying it out loud-it was harder to say than the shorthand like 'jacking,' 'pumping the trouser snake,' and so forth that passed as conversation among my friends (the 'ha ha, people jack off' conversations where everyone makes fun of it even though, I discovered, most secretly did it themselves). But it was so erotic to say-and hear!-that I couldn't stop saying it... like a broken record.

'Sure,' she said. 'Hold on a second.' There was silence on the line, then she said, 'Okay, I've closed and locked my door. I have my 'lucky pillow' and I'm ready.'

I took my clothes off, then told her I was naked and ready to go. We didn't talk dirty to each other or, in fact, even describe what we were doing. We both just did it... we could hear each other's breath start to get faster and faster, and occasionally a moan or a grunt. I was harder than I'd ever been in my life, sliding my hand up and down myself almost in desperation. Almost at the same time, we both hit shattering orgasms-I squirted stream after stream of semen all over myself.

We both stayed on the phone long enough to whisper quietly to each other-I don't remember what we said other than we wanted to do it again next time we talked. And we did-we did it perhaps four or five more times before we lost contact with each other.

I have never had anything remotely like that happen to me since.

I'm married now to a wonderful woman, but she is very religious and is very adamant about what she finds unacceptable sexually. Unfortunately, masturbation is included in that category. I secretly go online at work and look for masturbation videos and so forth on occasion, but my entire sexual landscape is made up of strictly standard marital sex. I still masturbate when I can get in the shower without being surprised, or in the brief moments when I have the house to myself.

But I have never had an experience like that very erotic, amazing couple of weeks with my phone friend. I read Solo Touch faithfully and live vicariously through the experiences of others. I often wish I could find another 'soulmate'-someone who appreciates masturbation on a level close to my own-which is why I wrote this down. It's the first time I've thought of it for years.

I hope this has sparked your imaginations a bit-but it's a true (if somewhat pathetic) story that I have always remembered fondly and still fantasize about to this day.



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