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Going Downtown

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I'm now 24 but am writing about my first trip downtown in a new town without my parents around. Bet everybody knows what my friends and I were looking for!


There were eight of us. We were from a small town and was taken to this city to attend a job fair that was going on there. For most of us boys, it was our first time away from home and being alone. We got to our motel rooms and dressed to go to town. We were all talking about the same thing. Girls. And, among a group of young men like this, the talk was 'Going to try to find me some pussy'. This was all that was on our minds at that age. Pussy.

We walked to just east of the downtown area and these two guys and I me spotted this woman sitting at this bus stop. She looked good and we all figured she might be a hooker but we weren't sure. We walked by her all looking at her. We walked on down the street and looked back. It was then that another lady joined the one we were looking at. We stopped and talked and decided to walk by them again. This time, the ladies looked up at us and smiled. Both of them looked to be in there twenties and both were dressed in these short skirts. And, both had made sure they slid up some when they sat down. The view I was getting was driving me nuts. Back home, I'd never touched a girl under her skirt and my seeing these two ladies showing off their legs like they were was driving me nuts. I wanted to finally feel some!

I said 'good evening' and both answered back. Then, one of them asked 'you boys looking for a date'? We had seen girls use this term in movies so we knew they were selling. All this did was get me even more excited. I asked the one that asked if she had a place to go. She said yes, her house. I then asked how much she wanted. She said what I wanted. I knew that our thing of 'getting some pussy' as we boys talked about back in the room wasn't a real option. None of us had any condoms plus I knew I'd probably cum before I ever got it in. I was mainly interested in just getting my hands on what she was showing off to us. Her legs. So, I said 'what about just playing with me a little bit while I feel on your legs a little'. She said 'oh, just a hand job'? I said yea. She then told me what she wanted. We were going to be there for two days and I had money to buy my food with so I had to be careful. I told her I'd have to pass as much as it hurt to say this. Those legs sure looked good to my young eyes. She wouldn't take no for an answer and came down to ten. I said ok.

We went to the old house and then to her room. She got a box of tissue paper and sat on her bed. She said 'come here'. I came over to her and handed her the money. I then sat beside her and slowly reached over putting my hand on top of one of her thighs. Then, I ran my hand up and down its length taking in its wonderful softness and feel. She said 'you like'? I said 'it feels so good'. She knew what this does to a man and reached over touching my cock in my pants. She then said 'let's get it out real quick'. I stood up and dropped my pants. I sat back down and she said for me to lay back and she'd sit where I could feel her while she 'played with you'. I said ok and she got some tissues out of the box and pulled her legs up on the bed. I immediately put my hand on one of the thighs feeling on it while she put her hand around my cock and went to stroking it. I went off in a matter of seconds and came like I never did before. It all felt so good. My first woman.

She wiped me off and I got up and pulled my pants up. As I walked out the door, she said 'next time you'll have to see what pussy feels like. I'll be around when you're ready'. Anyway; that never happened. Ended up being a girlfriend back in our little town in her room when her parents weren't home. But, on this trip, I learned that there was a lot more to a girl than just her pussy.



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