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Going All the Way

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First, like many, I have to begin by saying how much I love this site. I make sure I check it at least once a day.

Masturbation is a wonderful thing and a huge part of my life. I know most people consider 'going all the way' to be sexual intercourse. However, I consider 'going all the way' being when I finally masturbate in front of my partner. Maybe that's mixed up and the text book says you should never let masturbation be more important than intercourse. But who wrote that book anyway? Sure I love intercourse too. But for pure sexual pleasure nothing beats looking into the eyes of a woman while I'm jacking off in front of her.

To that end, I've managed to masturbate in front of at least 60 women in my lifetime. That might seem hard to believe, but when it's your goal it's not that hard to attain. My ultimate fantasy is to masturbate in front of a group of women (12+). I'm 41 and have been masturbating, on average, about 400 times a year since I was 12. I don't have a magic big cock. It's seven plus inches and very thick and no one has ever complained. (I find it amazing that most of the men who write to this site seem to have cocks nearly a foot long but I'll save that comment for another day).

Needless to say, I've got a lot of stories that I can write about. I plan to share a few of my favorites. So here's one for you...

About two years ago I was introduced to a beautiful Russian girl I'll call Nikita. Nikita is tall, blonde and was about 26 at the time with a tight body and small breasts. (I love small breasts!)

Anyway, Nikita found out I was into computers and wanted to know if I would come over and help her with a project. Never one to turn down a damsel in distress, I agreed. I showed up on time and found out that the project was that she and her husband had taken hundreds of nude pictures of her. She wanted to know if I could help her create a web site where the pictures could be viewed.

I spent about two hours just going through the pictures (all had been digitized and were on her PC). I helped her get the pictures in a directory system that would allow her to quickly access the pix. She also told me she had some semi-professional videos done as well. I told her I wanted to see those too and see about digitizing them to put them on the site. (Yes, of course I just wanted to see the videos).

She put a tape in the VCR and left the room. I started watching this wonderful video of her dressed in a school-girl outfit. She stripped it off and then began masturbating. It was just the right speed. Slow enough to be very enticing but fast enough that I didn't want to push the fast-forward button.

As I watched, I began to stroke my hard-on through my shorts. I heard her walking back to the room and started to stop stroking myself when I figured 'What the hell, she's on the TV masturbating why should I suddenly stop.' I didn't make a big deal of it but I didn't stop touching myself when she walked in.

She laughed a moment but didn't say anything. We kept watching the tape and I was a little more aggressive with the self-touching. She finally turned to me and said (in her wonderful accent) 'Would you like to please yourself now?'

I told her that if she didn't mind all of her nudity had got me very excited and I needed to do something about it. She said, 'Then go ahead.' I was very happy and began to unbutton my shorts. But as I pulled down the zipper she got up to leave. I was so disappointed. She didn't go far and grabbed a bottle of baby oil and tossed it to me. I told her I didn't need it (I'm a dry whacker usually) and freed my aching cock.

She sat down next to me and pulled off her shirt. She was braless and her firm little tits were beautiful! I began pumping myself in earnest and my eyes moved back and forth from her to the screen to my cock and back again.

On the TV she was really getting into it and beginning to whimper with pleasure. She asked me if I needed help but I told her no that I was fine if that was okay with her. She said that was fine by her and continued to watch me jack-off.

It was that perfect moment then. The one we all dream of. The excitement was building on the TV, I was pumping faster and faster, the world seemed to be spinning out of control. Suddenly, she screamed out an orgasm on the video and that did it for me.

My orgasm was amazing. I thought I was going to pass out. Cum shot everywhere. It was on me, it was on her, it was on the couch, it was on the floor, it was everywhere. I couldn't believe how much it was. It was, without a doubt, one of the greatest orgasms I'd ever had.

Nikita gave me a moment to recover then put on her shirt and went and got a cloth. We cleaned up as the tape finished.

I told her that her website was sure to make millions but the truth is we never actually launched it. We had several other experiences and we even had a good screw a few weeks later.

However, nothing will beat the first time we went 'all the way.'

I'm Tom and I love to masturbate.



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