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Going All the Way

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Fantasy comes true.


I've written this spring about experimenting with anal stimulation during masturbation and the intense orgasms I experience (Plugged In, April 20). Thankfully, the guy at the adult toy store in the city where I work was understanding and helpful. After starting with a butt plug, then a dildo, I was ready for more.

I got turned onto anal stimulation from watching an HBO show and exploring a machine butt-fucking website. The guy at the adult toy store didn't forget what brought me into his store for my first butt plug. After several months, a new dildo, and several bottles of lube, I guess he thought I was ready to go all the way. He told me he was able to obtain a butt machine and asked if I was ready to try it out. I must say I was taken aback. I was also confused, scared, and turned on at the thought of a continuously thrusting machine to massage my prostate while I jacked off.

I was grateful for the invitation and arranged to come in one day after the store closed on my way home from work. He suggested I bring my own dildo or, if I was ready, to purchase a new one for my experience.

I met him-Jim-on a Tuesday evening; I was nervous and perspiring, yet excited and horny. I selected a new dildo from the showcase-long, narrow and veiny-then followed Jim to the back room where there was a massage table set up with a big metal box with a long piston sitting atop a cart at one end. I stopped and gulped.

He took the dildo and began affixing it on the long piston of the machine while pointing toward the bathroom so I could get undressed. It was the first time I'd realized I'd be naked in front of him-and-and during such an intimate activity. He noticed the hesitation and joked that surely I'd gone beyond being embarrassed in front of him. He was right. I'd thoroughly described the successful sensations I'd had with all of his suggestions in anal toys.

After taking off my clothes, I walked to the table, concealing the jewels until he asked for my hands to squirt lube so I could grease up the dildo. I began massaging the latex dong, leaving plenty of globs for easy penetration.

I hopped up on the table and made the decision to kneel and take it from behind. He lined me up with the dildo-the first time he'd ever touched me-then asked me to spread my butt cheeks. He told me to take some deep breaths and flipped the lever. There was a revving sound and constant buzz as the machine came to life. It slowly made its way to my butt, slapping against my cheek. Jim shifted me to the left as the machine retracted then came back again to hit its mark-my tender butt hole.

It slowly entered my ass, and I saw stars. I asked him to stop the machine as I adjusted to the sensation. He started up the machine, and it began slowly slipping and sliding in and out of my hot, wet hole. I started to get an erection and realized why I was there. I began massaging my hard dick as it hung between my legs, my head hitting the table with a thud.

After a few minutes-it seemed like an hour-I began meeting the machines thrusts and the dildo entered my deeper. I was going to cum.

He asked if I wanted to stop to regroup or finish off. I didn't want it to end, so I asked for a break. I lay on my back on the table as we talked. He suggested I remain on my back and lift my legs for the second entry. It became impossible to hold my legs up, spread my butt cheeks, and position the dildo all at once. Jim suggested I lift and grab my legs, while he spread my ass and guided the dildo into my butt.

It was a leap of faith, but I agreed. He was, after all, somewhat of a friend and I felt comfortable. Once the machine and I had reached a rhythm, he stepped back. I can only imagine the sight. He stood next to me at the table, my body writhing as I held my legs up and apart.

This left my hands unable to jerk myself off, so I tried to place them on the table and began rubbing my hardening cock. He helped steady me on the table. His touch on my arms and torso felt good. I guess I moaned. He asked if I was liking it, and I said yes. He began massaging my pecs and pinching my nipples; I was in heaven. Since I didn't ask him to stop, he continued helping me to get off, eventually taking my cock in his hand and jerking me off while the dildo assaulted my prostate. After about 20 minutes, I yelled I was going to cum and shot one of the largest loads of my life.

After cumming, it was awkward, but he kept the professional conversation going about the machine as I cleaned and dressed. I didn't know how to thank him for making a fantasy come true. He said it was his pleasure and hoped I'd come back for more.

I think I will.



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