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Go Boners

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This story happened a few months ago and was an awesome experience.

I am 18 and a senior in high school.

Anyways, two other guys who are also 18 and seniors live in a town about 40 minutes away from me. We had met 4 years prior at a summer camp, and have since stayed pretty good friends, seeing each other once every other month or so because we live pretty far way. One Friday night, I had them over to my house. My parents were away for the weekend, and we had the house all to ourself.

Usually, we just hang out and have dinner and talk and then we usually watch a movie or play video games or something. Ryan and Evan, my two friends, and I, were just hanging out playing Halo at my house. It had gotten pretty late, and I offered them to sleep over at my house since it had gotten pretty late, and they both agreed.

As we were playing Halo, I thought I saw Evan had a bit of a hard-on. See, we live outside Los Angeles so its warm all year and we all had shorts on. I wasn't really sure if I had seen his shorts tented or not, so I just thought nothing of it. However, a little later we got to a really intense part in the game, and as he was trying to do something, he stood up in excitement. Well, in the quick second that he stood up I could see that he clearly had a hard on.

Me, Ryan and Evan had talked about girls and whatever before, but not much about sex, etc... since camp, which to us was a long time ago. Anyways, as any 18 year old high schooler does, I thought it might be fun to get into it.

'Got a little hard there, Evan?' I said. Evan blushed and kinda laughed. Ryan looked over and laughed a little too.

'Yeah, I guess, whatever,' he replied. We went on playing the game and I didn't bring it up again. Finally we decided we'd had enough video games for now and wanted to do something else. I turned on the lights, and both Ryan and I could see that Evan had a raging hard-on. Because he had gym shorts on, it was pretty impossible to hide.

'Still got your boner on?' said Ryan, laughing. Evan kind of blushed again, looking down at his raging hard on. Seeing his hard on, I started to get semi-hard in my pants at this point to, but it wasn't noticeable.

'Well,' said Evan, a little on the offensive, 'I haven't-well-anyways, its nothing. Don't worry about it.'

'Haven't what?' Ryan inquired.

'You know,' said Evan.

'Jerked off is what I think you're looking for' Ryan replied. We all laughed, kind of awkwardly. Evan was still red in the face.

'Dude,' continued Ryan, 'its cool. We all jerk off. Right?'

'umm... yeah, totally' I said, not really knowing what to say.

'Ok, well,' said Evan, calming down now. It was evident that we were all cool talking about this, which I certainly enjoyed. 'I just haven't had the time in a couple of days to rub one out I guess, since, like, I've just been really busy and stuff. Whatever though, it's not a big deal or anything.'

Evan's dick was still at full mast. We continued talking about masturbation for while, telling each other the most we've ever done it in a day, how old we were when we started jerking off, and other stuff like that. Evan was still hard, and by this point, I was too.

'Hey,' said Ryan, 'I'm kinda horny myself. Clearly Evan is too. You guys want to jerk off now?' he said, totally cool even though me and Evan were a little taken aback. 'Come on guys, who cares. I want to.'

'Um... whatever, yeah, sounds good to me,' I said. Evan agreed too.

Just as we were about to whip out our dicks, I had and idea. 'Let's make this a little more fun,' I said, 'let's play strip poker first.'

They both agreed and I went to get a deck of cards (and I got some lube on the way too). Because it was fairly hot out and we were all in my basement which doesn't have air conditioning, we were all just in a shirt, shorts and boxers. We played where whoever had the lowest hand in a round had to remove one article of clothing. Anyways, I dealt first and lost the first round, removing my shirt. We were all having a ton of fun now that we had taken down our guard. During the game we talked about what our fantasies were while we masturbated.

I lost the second round as well, and was down to my boxers while Evan and Ryan still had on all their clothes. Next, Ryan lost and took of his shirt, Evan still had on all his clothes. Having not the best luck, I lost the next round as well. It was time for my cock to come out. I stood up, and hesitated a little. 'Rules are rules,' said Ryan, 'let's see it.' Quickly, I pulled down my boxers to reveal my 5.5 inch uncut cock. I was hard a this point, and my balls were hanging nice a low. The stared for a second, and then I sat back down. Ryan was the next to get naked. His cock was maybe 6 inches hard and cut, but his balls were really tight against his body. Evan stripped down last, with the biggest cock of us all, maybe 6.5 inches cut, and big, huge balls. His cock head was flat and was pre-cumming (as was I at this point)

Now that we were all naked, we sat on the couch. I handed out some KY jelly that I had hidden in my room, and we started stroking. We decided we wanted to cum at the same time, and that we would start out with slow, long strokes. I loved watching their cocks in their hands and when the occasionally rubbed their balls. Every couple of minutes we stopped so that we would hold out longer, and it was totally arousing to watch their dicks bounce up and down.

Evan then said, 'hey, you guys want to give each other a hand?' Without another word, I grabbed Evan's dick, and he grabbed mind and Ryan's (he was in the middle). The feeling of another guys hand on my dick put me over the edge, and though we were supposed to cum in unison, I started shotting hot, long ropes of cum all over myself. Ryan followed shortly, moaning like crazy. Finally, Evan used our cum as lube as I rubbed is cock and Ryan helped with rubbing his balls. He came like crazy.

We all agreed we loved the experience and wanted to do it again. As my parents weren't home, we had another session when we woke up the next morning, equally amazing. All this thanks to the fact that I pointed out Evan had a boner.

Go boners.



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