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Glue Stick Orgasm

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Glue Stick Orgasm
Wow... I just found this page a few days ago, and I absolutely love it.
I don't think this will come out long, or maybe it will. I was reading one of your stories, and I came across one that mentioned experimenting with a girl cousin at a young age. For a long time, I thought that it was bad. But I guess it's not. I was... maybe... 6-8 years old. I honestly don't remember. Maybe younger. She would usually bring it up first. I remember that we would in her bathroom, and we would pull down our pants and we'd feel each other's pussies, and I got very turned on by it. We even did this under a bed once. How? I have no idea! She would also french kiss me, and I liked it too.
I also remember doing these things alone, feeling myself. I'd say... around the age of 12 or 13, I started exploring my body. What got me started? I believe late one night, I was flipping through the channels, and I saw some naughty act going on. Since no one was around, I decided to give the remote a rest, and feast my eyes on the program. It ended up being one of those Real Sex shows on HBO.
Watching this stuff... I felt this... hot, throbbing feeling, and I could feel myself getting all wet. I reached down and slid my finger in my pussy, and I was soaked. Knowing that I was drenched like that turned me on even more. I didn't really know what to do, so immediately, I went to my bathroom and I looked for something to please myself with... what was it? A bobby pin. I teased my clit with it. Of course, that first time, I didn't orgasm. Sure enough, I really liked this feeling a LOT! No, not liked, I absolutely *LoVeD* it. So, I kept trying getting off with a bobby pin, and one day... I had this amazing, first orgasm. I somehow knew, that if I tried too hard, it wouldn't come. So as my body started getting hotter, and my clit start to swell, and my pussy, all slippery... I relaxed my body and started to rub my clit faster, but with a soft touch... I instantly orgasmed. Since no one was home, I allowed myself to moan, and cry out as loud as possible. It felt so incredibly wonderful.
Then one day, I discovered my pussy, literally. My fingers wandered inside it while I was feeling how wet I was. It felt good, so I kept at it, and I came. Once I knew I could slip my fingers in there... I wanted to find something that would fill it good. I didn't know what though. I wanted something thick. So the first thing I ever tried was this marker, it was very smooth, and satisfying at the time. Then while I was looking around one day, getting desperate for something thicker, and tiring of the marker, I spotted this empty, long, smooth glue stick. It wasn't as thick as I'd like it to be, but it was a hell of a lot thicker than that marker. Excited, and giddy, I turned off the lights in my room, pulled off my pants and panties, laid down on my bed, and spread my legs. I was so horny! Just knowing that that thing was gonna fuck me got me so wet. I first ran my finger across my clit for a few minutes, letting it swell, and then... the moment came, I slid it in. I was in heaven! I didn't know how to describe it. It wasn't in all the way. I was sliding it in slowly, inch by inch. I sighed and moaned as I started to move with it, my hips in rhythm with it. The sensation between my legs was too good to stop. It was fucking me faster, and faster.... until finally... I had the most intense orgasm. It was so great.
To this very day, I still use that glue stick, and I masturbate everyday. It's such a relief! I also watch those "soft" pornos that they show on Cinemax, or should I say "Skinemax"? I'm curious for a same sex experience. I've fantasized about it. The first time I realized this while watching a movie. It's called "Wild Side" I believe, and Christpoher Walken and Anne Heche come out in it. There's these parts where Anne Heche and this Asian lady fall for each other and have all this lusty sex. I was surprised to see how wet I got from that.
Well now, I love these stories, and would urge you ladies to share your experiences! It's so nice to see you talking about it! -Lux



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