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Glory Hole Fun

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So I was at the library checking my e-mails, wasting time when all of a sudden I start getting really horny. Suddenly it came to my attention that I hadn't had sex or jacked off in like 2 days which really explained why I was so rock hard. Anyway, in one of the basement bathrooms on campus there is a glory hole. Last semester I had a class in the basement and when I went to the bathroom I got a really strange vibe. Reading the walls it said that the last stall had a glory hole and I remember thinking what one looked like.
Taking my dump (sorry for the visual) I bend over a bit to see if the last stall is being occupied. Sure enough it was and I could see a pair of feet facing the wall instead of the toilet and another pair of feet on the other side facing the guy. Turned on I start to jack off a bit trying to be as quite as possible so as to hear any sucking or moaning. . . but I didn't really hear anything, maybe because my heart was beating to fast, I think I was just way too nervous and sketched out. Anyway, before I know it, some guy goes into the stall to my left and after a brief moment goes to the stall in my right. I wasn't sure what he was doing as I could only see his shoes but before I knew it I realized that there were teeny-tiny holes in the wall and that this dude was trying to get a peek at my cock.
This totally turned me on and so I went with it -- at this point I was already rock hard and in seconds I shot a load as I pointed my cock down so my cum wouldn't spill over me. Instantly I was freaked out and felt gross and got my ass out of there!
About a month or so later my curiosity came over me or should I say my horniness and I went back to the basement. It was empty which made me feel a bit more relaxed seeing as I tensed up the closer I got to entering the bathroom. Taking a huge breath I make my way to the second to last stall and get a clear view for the 1st time of what a glory hole looked like. The hole was a lot bigger than I imagined! Pulling down my pants I begin to jack off, as I fantasize about getting my cock sucked. Before I know it I hear the sound of someone entering and for some reason my nerves took over again and I bolt for the door as fast as I can. I went back to the bathroom about two more times after that -- one time it was empty and no one ever came in while I was in there and the other time it was filled with a bunch of guys -- since most people know that the basement bathroom is gay I ran out of there so as not to get noticed.
Back to present day -- me at the library wasting time, I think the hell with it, its summer time and there are hardly people around. Making my way into the bathroom I get a flashback of all my other times yet am not worried or nervous. Pulling down my board shorts I begin to jack off. About a minute later I hear someone come in and I totally freeze, nerves back and everything. This guy goes directly to the stall next to mine and sits down. I sit TOTALLY QUITE -- almost paralyzed and wait to see what this guy does, hoping deep down that he leaves. Yet all of a sudden my horniness comes back and before I know it I start to jack off making soft moans hoping the guy next to me does the same. At this point all I want is both of us to just jack off in our own stalls listening to each other moan -- and thats all.
But as soon as I start to moan the guy puts his fingers through the hole like a signal and as all my blood rushes to my cock and my brain goes dead, I stick my cock through the hole. Instantly I can feel my cock in his mouth. Man did it feel GREAT! I don't usually get good blow jobs since a lot of girls gag on my 8/8. 5 cock -- but this guy was working it. It felt so good that I began to moan a bit, I grabbed the top of the stall with my hands, gripping it tight as I begin to thrust my cock in and out of his mouth. Feeling the urge to cum I give him a heads up (hahaha no pun intended) and let him know I'm about to cum. Thinking he was gonna pull off my cock this guy begins to swallow my entire load! It was incredible! I must have shot some of the biggest loads because I could hear him gulping. Pulling away after I cum the guy is still obsessed with my cock and continues to suck. A brief thought goes through my head (brain) and I wonder if I should let him continue knowing full well I could easily get hard again. Yet at the same time I begin to feel a little ashamed and disgusted and I pull my cock out and wipe it down with toilet paper a couple times. Filled with nerves and regret I bolt out of the bathroom hoping the guy doesn't come out and see me. This happened yesterday and since then I've jacked off thinking about that moment at least 6 or 7 times. I don't really want to go back. . . but it did feel great. I think the only thing that is going to prevent me from doing this again is the fact that I can't see whose sucking on my cock. But from what I could tell the guy sucking my cock was either a preppy teacher or student -- only because he was dressed in like gap clothing. I wonder if I'll ever be drawn back to the basement bathroom. . . and if I do, I'll make sure to share with all y'all.



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