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Give It To Me Baby!

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Give it to me baby YEAH!!!
The first day I ever masturbated was when i was about maybe twelve but closer to thirteen. It all first started when I was watching t.v. late one night. I was watching Married with Children I believe. The show finished so I decided to flip the channel. I turned to TMN (The Movie Network) and what did I see. I saw a guy giving up the ass to this chic. I got a hard on alright but it was so big it hurt.
The next day I went to my grandma's house and I went up stairs to my uncles room (he still lived at home) to play Sonyplay station. To turn the system on you need to turn on the VCR. I turned the VCR on but i also accidentally pressed play. And what did a see I saw a guy masturbating then this babe came in to view and they started to fuck. For the next couple days i started to think about what that guy on the tape was doing so one weekened, it was a Saturday, I was watching a movie on TMN in the morning. It was the first Wifesclub. I got under the covers in my room and i started to do what that guy did. The first while nothing happened but after 5 minutes i got the most incredible feeling. I cummed but I caught it in my hand. It smelled so good.
for the next year I masturbated continuously every day at least once or twice. My personal record is 8 times in one day. You should see how strong my right hand is now. Any way one day I found a porno tape in the basement. And almost every Saturday till noon I was always home alone. So I got the tape put in and started to go ass many times ass possible. My favourite seen with these two babes who do each other and it was from then and on that i found it more enjoyable watching weman do each other.
When I was 14 we went to Greece for the summer. We stayed for five weeks. Sex is everywhere there. Because of my Greek Orthodox faith I'm not allowed to have any sexual contact with anybody until you go to this monastery and pray then you can have sex. Well my cousin and uncle took me there and now i was able to screw and loose my virginity but this had to be done on my own. None of the females in the family knew this. We were at the beach and there was this topples woman sitting all by herself. I got a hard on. I walked by her . She looked at me and As i was walking away I grabbed my dick. She saw me do it. I went to the bathroom. To jack off when i saw her looking through to see if i was alone. Well there was only this one guy but he was in a stall. She walked by me felt my bulge get as big as ever. We went in to a shower stall. These were closed all the way through. from the outside nobody would of guessed there was more than two people there. I was standing kind of tense and she put my hand and cupped her breasts. They went hard. They were so soft. Then she said" Well since i let you touch my breasts can i see your dick?" I was kind of nervous but I eventually i did she put in her hand and asked if this was ok and i said yes she started to jack me off. Ohhhh it felt so good. My hands were all over her body. She suddenly stopped and slightly opened the door then ran out. I was kind of sad but I just started to finish what she started off. Two minutes later she came back but this time some younger girl was with her. I let them in the stall. The older woman asked me "Do you wana have a little fun?" I said "ok, I guess."
She said" Do what ever i say ok, ohh and before i forget this is my daughter Amy." I was shocked. She told us both to take our clothes off. So we did. Amy took her bikini off. She had nice C cup breasts. And her vagina was nice and hairless. Her mother told us to hug each other at first. It felt so good. Then suddenly the shower turned on i liked it. Then she told me too get down on my knees and finger Amy . So being new at this i was kind of nervous. the rest is another story which I'll complete in five weeks.....my email is



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