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Girls Weekend (1)

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A week ago my roommate Victoria(Tory) asked me if I wanted to join her and her friends on a camping trip. Not really camping since the cabin we were using had electricity and internet. I figured I could use the break from the city life so I said yes.


I was in my room packing some clothes and I was about to pick my bikini when I heard a knock on my door. I turn around to see Tory 'Hey! What are you doing?' I put my bikini down 'Trying to figure which bikini I should bring.' She smiles and looks at me 'none!' I give her a puzzled look 'Where we're going you'll be naked all the time, just like here!' I smile and throw my bikini at her 'Oh! I would bring some sweats it does get cold up there.' I as I got done packing we went shopping for groceries after which we arrived at her friends house. She leaves and in no time she returns with two of her friends 'Alison this is Tayler' She smiles and says 'Hi!' I smile back 'And Kayla!' she smiles and says 'Hello' I smile back 'Hi my name is what Tory said Alison'

As we hit the road we girls were hitting it off, talking about how we all met one another, what jobs we have, and what we like to do on our downtime when Tayler said 'You girls ready?' as she looks around with a devious smile. I look around 'Ready for what?' Tayler grabs her shirt and takes it off. I see her small perky pierced tits bounce from the release of her shirt. The three start giggling then Kayla takes her shirt off, her lovely D sized boobs fall out and bounce around with happiness. I failed to mention earlier but we are driving in a convertible with the top down 'Alright Tory your turn!' Tayler seductively says. She puts on hand on her shirt and expertly takes Tory's top off! I'm sitting their in the back of the car... To my left Kayla with her huge tits, in front Tayler with her pierced nipples on display and Tory driving the car and flaunting her tits with puffy nipples. Then all eyes were on me!

'Aren't you going to join us?' Tayler says with a smirk. I look to my left, Kayla looking at me with a big grin in the rear-view mirror I see Tory's eyes glistening with anticipation! 'I'm not sure...' Tayler winks at Kayla. Kayla quickly reaches over and takes my shirt and bra off like a pro! I'm sitting there with my tits wide open for the whole world to see! I quickly place my hands over my boobs to hide myself as best as I could. My face turns bright red as the three of them start laughing and giggling 'C'mon embrace the hard hitting wind! let you boobs feel the rush of the cool air hitting them!' Kayla say enthusiastically. Slowly but surely I let my boobs hangout.

An hour or two goes by as we went from the city into the woods when we arrive at a beautiful lake and we pull up to the cabin. It's a two story cabin with a basement 'Well Alison you're new so you get to take our things in!' Tory looks at me with a smirk and pops the trunk 'What are you girls going to do then?' She smiles 'We're going swimming!' All three of them jump out and start running towards the lake, along the way they start ripping their jeans and panties off. It was a beautiful sight watching three cute butts run into the lake. As I brought in the groceries the last thing I needed to bring in were the duffle bags of clothes. I'm standing there with my tits out and I notice I'm a little itchy between my legs. I think it was because of the ride here and seeing six extra boobs around me. I then start hearing a distinct sound... a buzz. I go over to one of the bags where the sound was coming from I open the bag to find clothes and I figured it could be a phone call that someone is missing.

I reach in and dig deep when my hand grabs what is buzzing, not just buzzing but vibrating when I realize it had a lumpy spherical shape. I pull it out and in all it's blue glory was a vibrating dildo! My mind starts racing with excitement and shock when I hear the door open and before I could hide what I've found 'Hey! you have exactly what I'm looking for!' I turn my head and I feel my face turn beat red as I see Kayla naked and wet. I never noticed but her nose and upper chest are lightly sprinkled with freckles which turned me on even more. She stands there with her hand out ' Well... are you going to give it to me!' The way she was and how she said what she said I creamed my panties a little. I hand it over to her, she smiles 'Come join us!' as she runs out the door I stand there. Feeling embarrassed, shocked, horny, and wet! I walked out the door and walked over to the lake. I see Tayler floating on her back in the lake, Tory sitting on a log watching Tayler and left of Tory is Kayla masturbating!

I walk over and sit next to Tory who is also wet 'Okay what goes on at these 'Camping trips'?' I awkwardly ask. Tory smiles and looks deep into my eyes... 'It's a girls weekend! all we do here is relax and masturbate as much as possible!' I once again feel my face turn red 'So all you do is masturbate?' She laughs 'Yeah, we also swim but we mostly get each other off. We usually help each other.' She smiles and looks back at Tayler. I was about to say something when 'Ohhhhh... yes, yes, yes' Kayla starts having an orgasm. Tory giggles 'So are you going to join us?' as she points down to my jeans. I thought to myself that this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. I stood up and took off my jeans and panties 'Look girls! Alison agreed to join us in our girls weekend!' The three of them start laughing and cheering. I ran over and jumped into the lake with Tayler.

I'm floating in the water as Tayler passes me while she's floating on her back her small perky tits have lovely heart shaped piercings as she passes me I notice her pussy is pierced as well. She dives under the water and I lose sight of her when I feel her nipples slid up my butt and up my back. I feel her place a hand on my pussy as Tayler whispers in my ear 'Well, well, well looks like your tits aren't the only thing that are big!' She starts rubbing my clit and pulling on my tits she starts kissing my neck and starts rubbing faster. My breathing gets deeper as I approach my orgasm. She inserts two fingers into my cunt 'You ready to cum honey?' she whispers in my ear 'mmmmmm ohhh yeah' I quietly respond. She starts to finger me faster and faster, my orgasm starts to take hold 'OH... I'm going to cum!' She keeps her fingers in me as my pussy contracts around her fingers. My body starts shaking with pleasure, she pulls me in tighter as I go limp in her arms. Tayler giggles 'So... how was it?' I lay my head back on her shoulder while she lightly kisses my neck 'just wow' She turns us around to face Tory and Kayla 'Hey she just had her first of many orgasms this weekend!' They start cheering and laughing 'Let's go in it's getting dark' Tory says.

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