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Girls Toilets, Panties Smelling and More

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Many people seem to like smelling used panties, and it seems to surprise many other people. Well, I have been further. I have to warn readers that this (true) testimony may be quite dirty. Also, don't expect an erotic story, this is just a raw testimony of the way I used to arouse myself a while ago.


Back in High School times, I was very shy with girls. To be honest, I had to wait to be 23 to have my first sexual experience with a girl (and for the sake of precision my only homosexual experience consists in a few mutual masturbation sessions with a cousin when we were teenagers). Thinking about it today, this is quite a pity since I think there were a few occasions in which I could have had fun, but I was too frightened to notice the girls messages.

Anyway. I have two (a few years younger) sisters, whom I would try to spy on without much success. One thing I loved to do when masturbating was to find their used panties and smell them, lick them, put them into my mouth to better enjoy their taste. And finding a pubic hair was like finding the holy grail ! Though I think I tried to avoid my mother's used panties, I enjoyed dressing in her clothes and underwear.

When I went to High School, I had less occasions to smell panties since I was a boarder. I had also less occasions to masturbate, since I wouldn't do it in the dormitory which is a place full of males, which was for me a turn off (sessions with my cousin had ended long ago by this time, and anyway it was just curiosity, not attirance).

So I would confine myself in some girls restrooms in the school, and masturbate there. Then I started to look in the toilets trash, and enjoyed finding some used sanitary napkins. I was quite disgusted when the flux had been abundant, but often they were quite clean, I mean without any blood, just like used panties. Then I would smell it, probably lick it sometimes. Again, pubic hairs were my holy grail, I would collect them and put them into my mouth, imagining the (obviously) beautiful girl they belonged to.

I would even go to the women toilets during the day, with girls all around. I would enter before the end of the previous lecture (when I had no lecture), then wait for the beginning of the next one. During 5 or 10 minutes, girls would enter and piss in the boxes around. I would choose the middle box, to be surrounded by girls. So there I was, quietly masturbating, with plenty of 'naked ass' girls around. Naked pussies within one meter, gosh! Often there were not enough boxes so there were literally girls waiting for me to finish masturbating, what a turn on ! And girls voices all around... I can even remember having been masturbating between two girls talking while pissing. Actually I would have preferred to hear girls masturbating, but unfortunately I never identified such an event with certainty. Moreover, hearing girls defecating would instantly turn me off and I would stop masturbating and just wait. I have to mention that I never got caught.

I found out later (way too late) that the gymnasium had a quite interesting feature : in women toilets, you could distinguish the person in the next box from her reflection on the ceiling lamp ! Not much to see, but anyway, this was a major turn on. Then I decided I wanted to increase the likelihood that the girl in the next box would masturbate, so I drew on the whole door a naked and masturbating girl, with a comment saying something like 'if you don't have your dildo, use your fingers !'. Silly, I know. On another door, I drew two girls having sex together. This was the very end of the last year, so I only had a few occasions to go there.

Actually, I can only remember two events in the gymnasium toilets. The first one is the less clear, I think a girl once went into one of these boxes, then had a look at all the doors, and maybe went again in the first one, but I'm not sure. The second event is more clear : two girls went to the toilets, and one called the other one to show her the drawing. She said it was disgusting, but I can't remember her voice to be disgusted. On the contrary, I think they both laughed. Oh, and one time I nearly got caught after such a session. Actually not at all, but for me it was quite obvious. When leaving the gymnasium I encountered two girls I knew. Knowing that I didn't like sport, they asked me what I was doing here... I think I said something like 'it's a cutoff', but I probably blushed (they were some of the most beautiful girls of the school, so I would have blush anyway).

Here we are. I hope my grammar is not too much a torture as I am not a native speaker, and I hope this testimony can successfully contribute to open a few minds about masturbation.



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