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Girls Learning Weekend

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I found this link a while ago. I feel bad for telling my story but as long as the names have changed I think it's OK. Here it is.

For years I have masturbated with my fingers directly on my clit or with a vibrating toy on my clit. My orgasms have always been very good or great and I am able to have quite a few within a short time.

Last summer a girls weekend away ended up with a few cancelling leaving me and one other lady who I will call Jill. We drove together in my car to the getaway villa. On the drive up we were carrying on like school girls and sex and orgasms were the topic of choice. Along the way Jill said she could have good orgasms without clitoral stimulation. I told her I did not see how that could happen and said the clitoris is the only point of having a good orgasm. Jill insisted she could use her fingers or dildo to massage the front wall of her vagina and have great orgasms. She said it was the G-spot. I told her I thought the g-spot was a myth and she began to laugh. Jill said it was only because I was never taught exactly where it is on my body. Long story made short we soon decided that there was nothing wrong with her teaching and showing me something important that may change my sex life.

We carried on talking about sex off and on for the entire day. We laid around the pool soaking up the afternoon sun and had a few drinks then we went to the ladies steam room to finish off before going for dinner. When entering the rather large steam room it was very foggy. There were six ladies already there and four were completely naked. Two of the four naked ladies were very nice looking and kept their bodies nice like myself and Jill. Jill dropped her towel right away and I thought why not do the same.

After the steam we put on the robes and walked to our rooms. Passing people in the halls made me feel sexy because I was naked underneath.

Once we were back at the room and within seconds Jill started to talk about me not knowing about my g-spot again. She said since we have over an hour before dinner and we are already warm and naked she could teach me now. I hesitated to answer thinking she would never really do what she said in the car. She said we don't have to if you are not comfortable but I interrupted saying no, I do want to learn but it must remain our secret forever. One of the girls on our getaway is usually my sister-in-law who has a big mouth.

Jill clicked on the fire then moved the coffee table away from the cushy carpet in front. She said this looks like a good learning spot then dropped her robe and sat down waiting for me. I was soon naked sitting facing her on the rug on top of my robe. Jill said we need something then went to her bag taking out a dildo and lube. She said she takes it everywhere and it's very quiet unlike a vibrator. She said she has had it on all our girls getaways and nobody ever knew.

Jill came back with her yellow dildo and bottle of lube. She sat down again and asked how I thought she should begin teaching. Before I could answer she said it may be best if I show you how well it works for me then it will be your turn.

Jill laid down flat with her legs open then told me she may not need the lube. She started to rub the dildo's end up and down her pussy then she slid it in very easily with her own wetness only. She said I should just watch and learn and ask if I had any questions.

Jill slowly pushed and pulled on the dildo without making a sound. I asked her if it felt good and she answered with a moan. Soon she began to pump the dildo faster in and out then she lifted one butt cheek and leg off the floor and reached behind to move her dildo. She began breathing very heavily and between breaths said this gives the g-spot the best contact. Jill kept this position and she was pumping her body in rhythm with her hand thrusting the dildo. Jill was going faster and faster then told me she was ready to cum. When she came it was quite a sight to see. I could not believe how she came like that without touching her clit.

Jill gained control and with the dildo still inside her body she turned toward me. She squeezed hard on the dildo without moving it and her body started to convulse with another smaller orgasm. When she finished she told me she was able to have small but very deep orgasms right after a large one if she squeezed down hard on the dildo right away. She said she could also do it with her husband's cock because he was large.

Jill talked for a moment then said she would show me another way to do it. She said this does involve the clitoris so I should like this one. She got up on her knees and put the dildo between her feet. She let her body down on top sliding the dildo into her pussy. Jill began to move slowly up and down while keeping her feet tight together on the dildo. She held one hand on her leg to balance and held out the other to me asking for a bit of the lube. I dripped some on her fingers then she went directly to her clit to masturbate. Jill began to show instant pleasure in her face. She told me I should not do this unless I was very horny because it was hard on the leg muscles. She said the muscle being used would add a huge amount to my orgasm. Seconds later Jill was rubbing her clitoris very fast and her orgasm did appear better than the first. She finished with her body grinding the dildo on the floor and leaning forward with her breasts hanging and swaying in front of me still fingering her clit. She stopped, took deep breaths then lifted her head to look at me. A smile broke then she whispered it's your turn now.

Jill staggered to get up to rinse off her dildo. She came back and handed it to me then said if you get stuck I'll be here. I took it from her and Jill said just do the same as I did. My vagina was so wet that the dildo slid in but it was tight. It was bigger than any guy could be for real. I found it hard to reach and slide it in and out at first but then it got better. Boy oh boy did that ever feel great! My vagina was as full as it had ever been. I was feeling a new sensation in my body. I told Jill how great it felt and she said it gets better. I tried doing it from the back like Jill was telling me to in order to hit my g-spot but I found it awkward and kept pushing off to the side. Jill said in time I would learn to guide it straight from behind. I kept moving it side to side when I went fast then gave up. Jill said I could not give up and miss the g-spot orgasm. She then told me to lay to one side or get on my hands and knees. I got up on hands and knees then she said she would help me for my first one so I knew what I was missing.

Jill began to slide the dildo in and out of my body and I felt odd with a woman doing this to me but soon the odd feeling went away and a good one took over. Jill knew right where to stimulate my body. I told her it felt like a very big man thrusting inside me. The full feeling got better and better then I could feel what I thought was an orgasm building. Seconds later I knew it was. I told Jill I was cumming then boy did I ever. She pumped that nice huge dildo in and out of my body like a pro bringing me to a beautiful g-spot orgasm. When I finished I kept my butt in the air with the big dildo inside and my shoulders on the floor catching my breath.

Jill told me to turn over and squeeze hard on the dildo which I did but I was not able to have a second orgasm. Jill asked me to try her other way with the feet and masturbating at the same time. That takes practice because I could not get the rhythm going. I just laid back and masturbated like always and Jill gave me extra pleasure pumping the dildo in and out while I had a few more orgasms my usual way. They were very good orgasms and the full feeling inside did make them feel better.

That weekend was about the best girls weekend ever. We had a great time together and enjoyed each others company when masturbating for the rest of the weekend. I hope one day we can do it again.

By the way, I do have my own large dildo now and I am able to have g-spot orgasms quiet often.



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