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Girls B&B Weekend

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I am a married woman with two grade school kids. I have never imagined myself to be bisexual or a lesbian. Until lately.

We moved to a prosperous suburb a year ago and into a house in an up scale dead end circle. Gradually I became friendly with three other women who live in the small neighbourhood and send their children to the school just around the corner. Summer came and went. Our kids all played on the same soccer team and gradually my husband and I started going to party's. After Thanksgiving one of the women visited to ask if I wanted to join the other three on their annual girls only overnite at a small B&B a few miles away in a country setting. She explained that the woman who had lived in my new house was a regular and that I could take her place.

We all drove in one car on a Friday afternoon after we had picked the kids up from school and arrived at the little inn just in time for supper. We had a lovely meal then a nice evening and chatting about kids, husbands and other things. It all seemed normal and fun.

After Midnight the four of us said goodnight and went to our two rooms. We were sharing king sized beds with two of the women retiring to a second floor room and my new-found friend and I taking a first floor room. The bed was huge and soft and I was asleep in moments, nestled in blankets on my own side. When I fell asleep my partner, Julie was sitting up with a tiny lamp reading a book.

Sometime later I was awakened by noises. Half asleep I peeked across the bed to see Julie still reading her book but also staring with a smile toward the ceiling. As the reality of the noises began to set in I realized that the bed in the room immediately above us was rhythmically squealing and grinding to the motions of sex.

I sat upright and smiled. 'Wonder who is up there,' I asked.

Julie's answer shocked me. It was our friends.

'Oh my god,' I answered, 'are they lesbians?'

'Only twice a year,' she replied. 'On Girls weekend!'

'If you are like the rest of us,' she continued, 'the sex slows down when the kids grow and it's good to have an outlet like this,' she added. 'They've been going at it for an hour, she continued, and they show no signs of stopping.'

'It's usually five minutes for us,' I added, thinking about how sex had changed for me and my husband.

The squeaking stopped for a moment. Then after a short delay it started again with a new cadence.

'They rolled over,' Julie noted.

It was just then that I noticed Julie's hand. It was below the covers and slowly moving in a way that seemed to be unmistakable. She caught my eyes but made no attempt to hide what she was doing.

'Hope you don't mind, but they are making me very horny,' she laughed.

'Go ahead,' I answered.

Then she picked up her pace making little squishy sounds as her breathing changed. I was beginning to find the sounds from above and next to me very arousing and slipped my fingers into the space between my legs.

'Can I watch you?' she asked.

Then without my response, she lifted the covers exposing her hand in its special place on top of her white panties and my fingers which were beginning to dance along my pubic area.

'Ever do this before she breathed,' picking up her pace as she turned toward me.

'A few times in grade school at sleep overs,' I answered.

Then without warning she contorted her face let out a gasp and began to buck wildly in place. Her orgasm took minutes to complete. I continued, even as the muffled sounds of an orgasm carried through the ceiling above me. I was obviously well behind everyone else. I was also self-concious about what I was doing, until Julie moved across the bed, put her arm around me and began to stroke my shoulders. Her touch frightened me at first then aroused me. I picked up my pace and she let her touch drift to my breasts. Then we were kissing and her fingers were coupled with mine dancing along my clitoris. I had a climax and fell asleep in her arms.

We awoke the next morning to more squeaking from the bed above us, but this time we were locked in a lovers embrace and soon began making our own bed sounds.

Can't wait until the next girls outing!



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