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Girls at the Rope Swing

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Between my first and second years of high school I worked a twelve week job. When the work ended I had two wonderful weeks of freedom. On my first day off I wandered to a field overlooking the river just a few blocks from my house. It was a field where I had spent many happy hours during grade school. My favorite spot was a secluded depression on the bank where we had built a rope swing when I was younger. It was early morning when I strolled to my old spot and found that the rope had been cut down. The place was abandoned but I was feeling nostalgic so I sat down and watched the river almost 100 feet below me. My spot was very secluded and I was enjoying my solitude when I heard girls laughing.

Two girls that I recognized from my old grade school rounded the path to my spot and sat down just a few yards from me. I was quiet as they had not seen me yet. The girls were in eighth grade and since the last time I had seen them they had developed. One was tall and thin almost flat chested and the other was shorter, chubby and voluptuous. I was uncomfortable spying on them but as I listened I could tell that they were talking about sex.

The tall girl produced a latex finger guard from her pockets and declared that it was a rubber. She showed how it could be inserted on a finger and then how it would be used during sex while her friend giggled. 'Found it in my brother's room' she said 'and I know that he is having sex with his girlfriend because I can hear them sometimes.'

If they had been my own age I would never have had the courage, but I stood up, walked over to them and sat down. They were shocked by my sudden appearance. 'That can't be a rubber' I assured them, 'it's way too small.' After some small talk, the tall girl who was the bold one said 'I don't believe you! I've seen my little brother's penis and it is almost the same size.'

'But bigger boys have much larger penises,' I assured her, 'and to put a rubber on a penis has to be erect. That makes it even bigger,' I added. I was playing the knowledgable bigger person role. Looking me in the eye, she handed it to me and said 'here show us.' Of course by this time I had a raging hard on from talking about sex with these girls, so I hesitated. 'So it really isn't all that big' the girl chided.

Looking in all directions to be sure that no one was coming I agreed to show them and struggled to release my swollen penis from its confines in my jeans. At first I just pushed the head out of my waist band, held the tiny finger protector next to it and said 'see, no way that it would fit!' The girls carefully examined the tip of my penis, coming closer to the place where I was seated, but being careful not to get too close. 'Can we see all of it?' the tall girl asked.

I pulled it out exposing my raging hard seven inch penis while they looked at it as if it was the first one they had ever seen, which they later confirmed. At least the first penis that was hard.

'Do you ever play with yourself?' the tall girl asked?

'All the time' I answered.

'Do it now' she urged.

'Right here in front of you?' I asked.

'Yes we want to see how it works' she answered.

By now I was so excited that I might have done it without prompting. Being careful not to cum right away from the excitement. I slowly began working my fingers up and down the less sensitive top of my penis. As I did I breathed, made moaning sounds and acted as if I was passing into extacy, which I was.

As I carefully paced myself the tall girl sat back against the hillside and began to touch her crotch with both of her hands. She didn't remove or loosen her jeans, but she spread her legs, placed her fingers on her upper thighs and began to rub her vagina with her two thumbs. She breathed a giant sigh as she continued her movements, and sat up leaning into her own hands as they did their work.

Her friend unzipped the waist band of her jeans and slid her right hand down the front of her pants and as she did I could see the outline of her fingers doing their magic to her own vulva.

Our three person orgy was over before it had barely begun. With a grunt I released my cum, arching my back and splashing myself with it as my spasms continued. The sight of them masturbating had made me loose control. The short girl came next, rolling onto her tummy and making tiny squeaking noises as she humped the ground beneath her. The tall girl smiled as she watched the two of us. 'No control' she laughed. Then she stood up, leaned against the old tree where the rope swing had been and placed her hands beneath her jeans like her friend.

'Here I go' she moaned and with that she turned against the tree straddled it and ground against it, whimpering.

The three of us lay on the hillside for a long time recovering. I was overtaken by guilt because I was at least two years older than them. What I had done seemed like taking advantage since I was 15 and they were 12 or 13.

The three of us got together several more times that year, always masturbating, but never touching each other. In fact I never even saw either of them without their clothing. They always did what they did fully clothed. I also learned that they had a physical relationship with each other but they never allowed me to see them doing anything to each other.

This year at Chrismas time I ran into the tall girl in the grocery store. We chatted for a short time and she told me that she was divorced from a man that she had married. She whispered in my ear as I left her that she still had fantasies about those days. I know that I do.



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