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Girlfriends Nose

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I cannot really account for it but I have a real 'thing' about my girfriend's nose. She is one of those people who seem to catch everyone else's cold. The first time I became aware of it was when I had called for her at her flat and she had a real stinking cold. Before going out she asked me to put a pile of her hankies in my pocket explaining that tissues made her nose sore. All evening she was blowing her nose making wet honking noises and soaking hanky after hanky. The used hankies I kept for her in my other pocket. After a while I found I was watching intently as she blew her nose and could feel I was getting a hard on. Luckily there was a toilet nearby and I excused myself. In the cubicle I released my cock. It was enormous. I took out one of my girlfriends clean hankies, put it to my nose and I could smell the perfume. I wrapped it around my cock and began to jerk myself off. It wasn't long before my cum was spurting. The feel of her hanky against my penis was a real turn on. I cleaned up and rejoined her but had to use the toilet again before the evening was out. It was only when I got home did I realise I still had her hankies in my pocket. Inexplicably I was drawn to the hankies she had used. The little hankies were absolutely soaking but I just had to use them. I was lying naked on my bed and as I looked at her hankies my cock began to rise again. I could picture her blowing, intent y clearing her nose with every blow. I couldn't stop myself. I wrapped my hard cock in some of the used hankies and could feel them wet against by hardness. The others I put to my nose. Slowly I began to wank off into her wet hankies, long slow strokes at first, quickening my stroke as I felt my cock grow harder knowing that it was beginning to pump the cum from deep inside me. As I was nearing the point of explosion I blew my own nose as hard as I could into the hankies I was holding to my nose. My strokes became shorter and shorter until I released my cum explosively, soaking her handkerchiefs with it.
Naturally I had to wash the hankies for her, but not before I had used them to ease my early morning erection.
That first time was some months agao. We now live together and I have told her about my 'thing'. I still jerk off watching her blow her nose but now I have the freedom of her hanky drawer.



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