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Girlfriends Brother

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A few years ago, I had taken my girlfriend home from a date. I went inside and visited with their family for a few minutes. Her mom and dad were sitting on the couch and her brother, 14, was on the floor playing with cards. He challenged me to watch his card trick. I sat down on the floor in front of him. He was wearing a tank top and pair of sport shorts. He was sitting Indian style. As he was shuffling the cards, one of his testicles fell out of the shorts. He either did not feel it or did not care. He just left it hanging there. I was trying my best not to look, but it was really distracting.

Later, I was talking with my girlfriend and told her what I saw. She apologized if I was offended. I thought that was strange. I was not offended. I thought it was funny. I explored further and found out that nudity in her family was very open, at least with the kids. She had not seen her dad in the nude, but she frequently saw her mother and brother. She had no issues about being nude in front of her father. She was 17 years old. Often she and her brother would see each other.

When I was 14, nobody but God and the doctor saw me. I have never seen my sister or my parents in the nude. I have seen my brother but he is only four. I wanted to ask about masturbation, but I just could not.

A couple of weeks later, I went with their family to the mountains. Her dad got me a room. It was down the hall. My girlfriend was not allowed in the room. We went tubing in the afternoon. After we were done, we had to get ready to go eat. Her mother asked if Aaron, my girlfriends brother, could shower in my room to make things go faster. I agreed. I went and showered first. I changed in the restroom. When I came out, Aaron was wrapped in a towel and went into the shower. He was shaking his head because it was taking me so long. While he was in the shower, my girlfriend called and asks me to join her downstairs. I did. At the dinner table, Aaron ask if he could sleep in the other double bed in my room. He was to share a bed with his sister. His mother told him he couldn't because he did not bring pajamas. He said he would sleep in his undershorts. We agreed.

The three of us went swimming in the hotel pool that evening. My gf was really teasing me. I was getting so horny. When Aaron and I got to the room, I went the the restroom to change and Aaron changed in the room. He was lying in the bed when I came back into the room. The thing I noticed was that he had not brought any clothes to the room and his swim shorts were hanging over a chair. I was wearing sport shorts and was sporting a semi. I was kind of shy about it so I just crawled in bed. He and I had never been alone for very long. It was kind of awkward not really knowing what to say. After a while he said he wanted to watch television. I said sure. The remote was on the desk. I told him to get it. He hopped up, naked as a jaybird, hard as a rock. I said, hey dude. He apologized but I told him it was cool. I sleep naked most of the time. He said he wasn't apologizing for that, but for the boner. He said he gets them every night. I told him it was cool that I had one then. He asked if it came because of his sister. I admitted it.

He told me that his sister knew how to take care of it. I asked him what he meant. He told me that when he got like that, his sister would come into his room and would rub it until the stuff came out. He said it was better than it coming out when he slept. I agreed. By now I knew I was going to jack myself. I told him to go to the bathroom and do himself. He told me he did not know how. His sister always did it. I told him most guys just did their selves. He asked me how. I asked what does your sister do? He pulled off the sheets and put his hand around his penis. I said ok squeeze it a little and start pumping it. He said his sister rubbed it real light. I told him do it my way. He started and got faster. His balls which hung pretty low were bouncing and it just seconds he shot a huge load. It splashed him in the face twice. After he calmed down, he asked if he could watch me. I thought it was weird, but what I had heard that night was already crazy. I pulled down my covers and let it rip. Major orgasm like never before. His sister denied what his brother said. But when she did me a couple of weeks later, it was just like he described.



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