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Girlfriend Wouldn't Lend a Hand

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I am so glad I stumbled onto these pages. I am really surprised when I read some of the things people have tried. So I will tell you my experience. My girlfriend and I have really good sex, but like she is in control and decides if she doesn't feel like it I have to go home frustrated and jerk off. I don't think that's fair and I told her that and asked her to just jerk me off on days she doesn't 'feel like' having sex. She said that was gross and refuses. She will do all kinds of things when she wants sex though. So we got to talking about this with her best friend and her best friend's current boyfriend (he and I don't know each other very well and they have not been together that long.) I asked what they thought about it, shouldn't she be willing to just jerk me off when I need it and she doesn't want sex? Well her friend agreed with her and the guy agreed with me. We had all had some wine and it was late and the girls said he and I should jerk each other off when we felt the need and leave them alone. I am very straight. Maybe I can't say that anymore now though. But it hit me like lightning that the guy was good looking and I got a boner right away when she said it and I guess he felt similar because he said that was a good idea. They were egging us on, and he pulled down his zipper. His girlfriend said she didn't want to see it and they told us to go into the bedroom and do it. We were all in riots of laughter and mine was nervous cause I was getting a little scared. I could see he felt the same way. I wasn't going to back down. I said lets do it thinking we would go into the bedroom and make sounds and they would think we were doing it. We got up and went in and as soon as we got in he really stripped. I couldn't deny to myself that I had gotten really hot and hard and really wanted to get off then no matter how. So I took the cue and stripped too. I was just standing there like a fool. He took my arms and led me down on the bed and laid on top of me and took my dick in his hand. I was so scared but it felt so good. He took my hand and put it on his dick. I took hold and we were jerking each other real nice. His hand felt so great and he really knew how to jerk.. well I do too of course. But this was the first and only time on another guy. I started to have some feelings and thoughts like it was wrong but it felt so great I finally relaxed and we both enjoyed it. I came first and he kept jerking till I was so drained. Then to my shock he licked his hand that had my cum on it! I got hard again right away. I was still jerking him. Right then he shot a huge load and it got all over both of us. We didn't have to pretend with sounds. He was almost screaming and I was still moaning in relief. We took a shower together after that and went back out to the girls in towels. They did not believe we really did it. I had sex with my girlfriend later that night and she said it was the best we ever had.



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