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Girlfriend Uses Her Feet

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Normally I am always turned off by feet. Then I met my girlfriend. We spent a lot of time together. Then one day she came over and asked me to massage her feet for her. I had no problem with that. I was already semi-hard from just being with her. (She has that power over me where her presence makes me go hard) I picked up her foot, and it was just so nice, so soft, with neatly trimmed nails. Her feet were not dry or hard, just very soft. From that day on we both knew I had a fetish for her feet.

Going to different Universities on opposite sides of the city, we barely get to see each other, but when we do get together she always teases me with her feet. About two months ago, when my fetish kicked in, I arrived at her place, a little earlier than expected and she had just gotten dressed after her shower. She was wearing shorts and a t-shirt when I walked in. We sat down and shortly after, she started to tease me with her feet, rubbing them on my chest and face. Since she just came out of the shower, I got bold and kissed them. She kept them there as I continued to kiss them. I then worked my way up her leg, skipping her pussy, then on her tummy. I skipped her breasts and kept on kissing up to her neck and finally to her lips. By then I had a huge tent popping in my basketball shorts which she could see clearly. As we kissed, she and I moved around a bit to get closer. At one point, her entire leg rubbed my cock as she moved it, and I started cumming right there. I jumped off the bed, while orgasming in my pants. She could tell what was happening by not only the way I lost control of my body, but by the huge wet spot on my pants. She got totally red knowing that she caused that.

She took me down to her laundry room to wash my boxers and shorts, because no one in her family had clothes that would fit me. Since I was half naked while this was happening, we started talking about whether she felt uncomfortable seeing me that way. She admitted she was. I said it's fine with... , and before I could say 'me,' we started making out again. She asked me to ejaculate for her, so I asked her spit in my hand. She was obviously puzzled why, but she did as I asked, and I used it to lube my cock. She lay down and put her feet by my face and mouth, which them made me shoot right away, all over the floor. Right after I got dressed her family came back home, so we got lucky we weren't caught.

But the best happened a few weeks later. We were at my house and my parents gone for the weekend. She was wearing black hip huggers and a light long sleeve shirt. She asked me to rub her feet because she had been on her feet a lot lately. She said she would wash them first, but when I offered to do it for her, she readily agreed. Now in the bathroom, she rolled up her pants to her knees and sat on the edge of the tub with her feet inside. I started to run water over them and gently caressing the soap on them. I also got a good feel of her legs as I washed those too. When I was done, I stood up, the hard-on in my shorts was huge, and it also pointed right to her face which she giggled at. I picked her up and carried her to my room, and said her down on my bed. I sat at the other end, with my legs open, so I can get good access to her feet. She just giggled at the tent that pointed straight up from my shorts.

I took her right foot and started to massage it, while rubbing in some lotion. After ten minutes switched over to left foot. But before I could even get lotion on, she started to tease me by rubbing it on my leg. Eventually she made it into my shorts, (I wasn't wearing boxers) and that's when my cock started to twitch even more. She made her way up to my hard cock and started to feel every little piece of it with her foot. I let her know that I was about to cum, so she just wrapped her toes around the head and teased it, making me cum all over her foot. She proceeded to slip her foot out from under my shorts and brought it up to my face. I took her foot and licked all the cum off of it. At the same time, her other foot was playing with my cock. The combination of having her foot rub my cock while I was licking the cum off the other one made me shoot again. Letting go of her right foot, I started to lick the cum off of her left foot.

'She then told me to kiss her feet and make my way up her body like before, but 'don't skip any parts this time' We quickly removed her shirt, revealing her breasts to me for the first time. They were small, but I like then that way. Then we slipped off her pants revealing a soaking wet pair of red panties, which she tucked under my pillow.

I then started kissing her as she asked, starting with her feet and making my way up to her lips, placing some very wet ones on her pussy and on her breasts. I laid down beside her and we kissed some more as we masturbated each other lying side by side. My hand found her soft pussy, I rubbed it, it was so wet and so warm. I pulled my hand up and licked it off, put it back, then she licked it. It wasn't long before she orgasmed. Right after she got up and said she felt bad because she only made up the part that she wanted a massage and that her feet hurt. She felt that she tricked me. It only took a quick rub of the breasts and pussy, and a kiss to convince her it was all right.



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