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Girlfriend Gets Herself Off, on Me

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Flooded memories of this eventful time period of my life.


I have dated a handful of women in my teen years. All of them denied ever pleasuring themselves or did not openly discuss it. One of them may have been lying. Another one had an interesting way of doing it. That's where this short story starts.

My first girlfriend, Jen, and I would make out just about every day. It did not dawn on me, at first, but I think she enjoyed getting herself off on my behalf. First let me explain a few things in short detail. We met at a high school dance one spring. She was dating a classmate of mine and had expected him to show up at the dance. When he did not, she took to me like there was no tomorrow. That was the end of their relationship. She pursued me via my friends until I agreed to go out with her. I told her if she was interested she would have to meet me on the beach while I took to the waves. She showed up. I swam into the shore to meet her. She wanted to go under the boardwalk and make out. The waves would return another day, so under the boardwalk we went. We spent about four hours under there. We kissed and talked and hit it off.

From that day forward, from what I can remember, we spent most of our time at her place, in her bed. She would call me over to her place saying she wanted to go for a bike ride or something. When I got there she would lure me into her bedroom and want to make out with me. We mainly kissed so much that for the first week or so my lips were sore from the workout. At the time, I was young and naive, I did not catch on to what she was doing. Mainly because I had only learned recently about masturbation and thought only boys did it. She would lay me down on her bed and get on top of me and rock back and forth. This of course set my boner into overdrive and it would get rock hard. I never knew it then, that she was rubbing herself off on my boner. We would kiss so much that her breath would be my breath. My concentration at the time was on kissing and breathing. I did not pay too much attention to her grinding me. Every once in awhile she would stop and roll off the top of me and catch her breath.

Very few times was I on top of her. She would always want to be either side by side or with her on top. When she was she would rock up and down my hard shaft. I think she may have worn my skin out at one point. We never touched each other's privates down below. I did feel her boobs a few times, but she said she did not like it. I don't recall ever fingering her and she never touched my dick. She did see it a lot though. There were times where I would try to nudge the progression along and do things like remove my shorts to see if she would remove hers. Once I only had swim trunks on and she dared me to take them off, so I did. She wanted to stare at my hard dick, but again she would not touch it. I did buy condoms at one point to which she firmly told me I would not be needing them any time soon and wasted my money.

This recollection recently came flooding my mind when a certain song came on the radio the other day and I could not help but wonder where in my life did this song fit into my history. Sure enough she popped into my mind and all the things she did. Including the dance she came up with for the song that was on the radio. She would not show me the dance, at first. She told me about it and I tried to get her to show me. She said she was shy and did not want to do it in front of me just yet. She did however come around after she showed her brother the dance moves and he encouraged her to do it for me.

We ended up breaking up shortly after that. It still is amazing, to me, that she must have gotten herself off hundreds of times before I realized what she was doing to herself, via my hard ons. Only once did her grinding ever get me close to shooting my load off. I was so close when she stopped with no explanation. She got up, walked out of the room and went into the bathroom across the hall. While she was in there I tried like mad to finish myself off right there in her bedroom. I kept hearing her brother moving around the living room and kitchen area and kept having to stop. I so wanted to blow my load on her bed spread and leave. I was so angry she stopped just as I was about to get mine. When she came back into the room I left and went into her bathroom and was able to rub one out in peace. I think she knew what I had done in there.



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