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Girlfriend Experiences

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Now, this is my first time writing here. I've read allot of experiences from different people, I read mostly female entries since men seem to write crap and only have the size of the dick, or having it sucked off from someone else on their minds.
I'm a bit more into romanticism, so anyway here goes:
You don't want to hear about my solo efforts, they're a bit boring and what do guys have to tell in this department apart from the usual wank?
My best mutual experiences came with my first girlfriend when I was 14-15ish.
She had quite a nice body, long legs, not too buxom but because she was skinny her boobs sat nicely on her. She was really sporty, a great netball player.
Now, there wasn't the one amazing, mind blowing, defies all logical belief experience to tell you, I'll just tell of the experiences we shared together.
Since she was my first real girlfriend, we spent quite some time getting used to each other, kissing etc etc. Then one day when we were rolling around in her bed, she suggested she take off her top, and I was taken aback by the idea. When she did take off her bra, her breasts felt fantastic to feel, and I very much enjoyed this new experience, as any 15 year old would. Her nipples were small like buttons.
I remember the first time I felt her pussy. We were kissing in an old scorebox of the local football oval. I had no idea what I was doing, but it felt wonderful.
After a few months of this we were quite accustomed to each other's bodies. We would come home from school, her parents not being home, go straight to her bedroom and start making out. She would have her school dress on so she would always take off her bra for me and I would feel her pussy. I have never been with a girl since who could orgasm so easily. She would orgasm many times in a row, it was great. Then he parents would get home, and we would get up as if nothing happened.
Also, most Friday nights her parents would go out for the night, and we would of course stay in. We would have some pretty intense moments. I can only dream of it now.
Some nights we would sleep outside in her cubby, and strip totally naked. She would be so horny and wet that by the end of the night both of us would be dripping.
The first time I licked her pussy, I was a bit nervous. In fact, I felt a bit sick from the taste afterwards. But after some practice I started to quite enjoy it. Her pussy wasn't shaven (I'm not a fan of shaven ones) and it would be fantastic to lick her and have her squirming from it. I especially liked it when she would grab hold of my head. One night, while we were in her room, she was on the phone to a friend lying in bed, and I decided to go under the covers. I pulled her undies down to reveal her pussy and I couldn't help but lick it. So while she was still on the phone, she spread her legs for me and I made her come. That was fantastic.
She really wasn't a fan of wanking me, so I always had to provide my own stimulation. When we were at my house, and because my parents were stricter, I would lie in my bed wanking, and have her stand next to me and pull down her pants enough so I could see her pussy. I would stare at it and come by just staring at it.
We would also have showers together, and I would get the soap and lather up her body. It made me so horny.
But what made me most horny was when we did a 69 once. The enjoyment of licking her wet pussy and her sucking me at the same time just made it incredible.
Anyway, enough of my ramblings.



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