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Girlfriend and Her Sister Watching

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I submitted a story about 2 years ago, August 7, 2003 (Being Watched #3283). I recently had another experience I wanted to share. Since my last submission, I've been dating a woman for about 18 months. We moved in together about four months ago.

It took several months for me to get around to telling my girlfriend of my masturbation habits. I gradually got her used to seeing me play with myself casually, and one day when she was too tired for sex, she suggested I take care of it myself. So I gladly obliged and jacked off in front of her. Since then, she has gotten used to me jacking off and watching porn. She has even bought me porn on occasion. We still have sex but I usually jack off about three to four times a week. Usually when I wake up, I have a boner and I'll get up and put a porn movie in the DVD player, or sometimes she'll suggest it. I think she gets a thrill watching me.

This past weekend her sister from Florida came to visit for a wedding. She stayed with us for five nights. My girlfriend warned me once that she tells her sister everything and I'm sure she has told her that I like to jack off to porn. Her sister is very attactive. She is a little taller than my girlfriend, but has smaller boobs. She is much more outgoing than my girlfriend.

On the second night she was there, I had to work late and did not get home until after 8:30pm. I was really tired and after chatting and eating quickly, I told them I was going to bed. They made a joke about me going behind closed doors and her sister said 'I know what you want to do.' I smiled and looked at her. She smiled back with a smug look and I knew that instant that she knew something. I looked right at her and said, 'that's right, so don't bother me.'

I did not intend to jack off as I was not so bold. I got undressed and laid in bed with just my underwear on. I usually sleep with just underwear or naked. I got in bed and I heard some giggling outside the door. Soon the door opened and they both came in. My girlfriend said that her sisted wanted to watch some porn. I was instantly aroused and said okay. She opened my top drawer of my dresser where there was a nice stash of movies. She picked out one that is my favorite and put it in. I laid in bed under the covers and they sat on the end of the bed. After a minute or so, I had a solid boner which I hid under the covers. They turned a couple of times, but I dared not touch my cock. Then my girlfriend asked me if I could get her a glass of water. She could not get the words out without laughing. She knew I couldn't because my boner would show. They both had a laugh and watched the movie. Then she asked if I needed some time alone. I said 'I sure do' and they left the room, but left the movie in. I reached under the covers and started to rub my cock. Then the door opened and they both walked in.

My girlfriend shocked me when she asked if they could both watch me. I was so horny and excited that I did not pretend to not be interested. I quickly threw off the covers and jacked off. I was so excited doing it in front of her sister. She watched closely and I had all I could do not to cum too fast. I slowed it down and even took my hand off it a couple of times to keep from cumming. But it was too much and after a minute, I shot a big load on my stomach and chest.

My girlrfriend handed me some tissues and I cleaned up. All her sister could say was 'that was so cool.'

Two days later, as I was going to bed, they asked if I was going to watch porn. So I said yes, and they came in and watched me again. My girlfriend let me cum on her tits, and her sisted even put some on her finger and licked if off.

She left yesterday but it was a great weekend.

I have another story that I'll put in seperately



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