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Still friends but I do miss her.


I had this girlfriend for a little over six months. She was amazing. Funny, outgoing, and really cute. Well first a lil about me. I'm 5'8', blonde hair, blue eyes, 200 lbs, an ok build, and a 6' cock. She was about 5'6', brown hair, brown eyes, nice build, B cup breasts and a HUGE ass, and not huge in a bad way. We started off kinda slow. Her last relationship, seven months and they didn't even make out (torture) and my last went very fast. Two months and I was fingering her. We ground in jeans mostly. We'd be kissing goodbye against her car, she'd feel my erection and kinda thrust against me. This led to us getting in her back seat and grinding with her on top of me. After about a month or so of this, we were in her car and after grinding for a little bit, we were sitting next to each other making out and I said 'you don't know how bad I would like to rub you right now' I don't know if this gave her the courage or what but when we started kissing again, she reached over and grabbed my cock through my jeans and started rubbing slowly. In return I started rubbing her pussy through her jeans. After only about five minutes of this, I had to go inside and we would have to continue later.

I went over to her house on a Saturday night. Her parents feel what we do together is our choice so they were ok with us going to her room alone to 'watch a movie'. We had decided so not to move too fast, we would stick to grinding and petting in underwear. As soon as she started the movie, I came up behind her and started feeling her breasts. She closed her eyes, lets a little moan and let her head fall back. I spun her around and gave her a very passionate kiss and began taking her shirt off. She started taking mine off as I unclasped her bra and slid it off. I kissed down her neck, chest, stomach until I reached her pants. I unbuttoned them and slid them off to leave her in just her panties. I thumbed her clit as I stood back up. I rubbed her pussy through her wet panties while she unbuttoned and slid my pants off. I then reached behind her, picked her up by her huge butt and fell onto her bed, me on bottom. She began sliding her pussy against my cock, both of us in only underwear. After some time of this, I threw her off to the side of me, got in between her legs and ground that way. I loved how her nails felt scratching my upper back with pleasure. Once my arms started getting a little tired from holding me up, I stopped thrusting and ran my fingers against her covered pussy. I couldn't get her to orgasm that night, she was a little scared and what not and said she doesn't think it will happen. I sat up and she sat against me and started jacking me off through my boxers. For someone who had never done it before, she was good. Started off slow and graduating speed, up till I said I was close and we would pull out a towel and I would sit next to the bed and finish myself while kissing her, rubbing her breasts or ass, or sucking on her boob. She would always smile and giggle when I would cum.

After a little while, we we're both mad that she couldn't have an orgasm. We said we would wait till six months to go inside the underwear, but at about three months, we said we could kinda preview it for one night. We went through the same ritual as the other night, except when I went to rub her, I slid her panties off and tossed them aside. I started by rubbing her clit slowly. She was never very loud, but she moaned in my ear when I did that. I then slid my hand down to her hole. I slowly circled her hole with my middle finger then slowly slid it in. She bucked her hips a little and dug her nails into my back, I knew she liked it. I began to slowly slide it in and out and gradually picked up speed. After some time of this I put my thumb on her clit and rubbed that while penetrating her with my finger. But again, she got scared, said she didn't think it would happen, and we stopped before she came. As we laid there, I kissed her on her forehead and she began kissing my neck. She knew the one spot that would get me horny in an instant. As she kissed, she reached down, unbuttoned my boxers, reached in and grabbed my cock. Her warm hands felt amazing on my cock. I almost came right then. She slowly started pumping my cock, gradually getting faster till I said I was close and we got the towel and sat next to the bed. She reached over and put lotion on her hand started pumping again. She must have only got three pumps in before I exploded. The towel was covered in my cum, as was her hand.

I did eventually get her to orgasm. We had got to her house and only had about 15 min till I had to leave. We just got in her room when I closed and locked the door, shut off the lights and grabbed her. I picked her up, but instead of going to the bed, I laid her down on the floor and quickly stripped off her pants, shirt and bra. She must have been really horny cuz it only took about five minutes of rubbing her clit for her to let out a loud moan, her whole body to shake, and then pull me in for a very passionate kiss, scratching my back the whole time. I kissed her neck as she came down from her very first orgasm. As she calmed down a lil more, I pulled out the towel and started to jack off. It didn't take long for me to cum another huge load all over the towel.

At about a week before our six months, we were having one of our nights and when I started rubbing her through her panties, she just whispered sexually in my ear 'forget the panties' and slid them off. I immediately went to her hole. I fingered her slowly till I found what I assumed was her G Spot. I put a lot of pressure on it. I then stuck another finger in. After rubbing like this for some time, she started bucking like crazy, moaning in my ear, and I could feel her pussy clenching my fingers and knew she was cumming. I left my fingers while she calmed down and when she opened her eyes and smiled at me I slowly pulled them out and ran them over her whole pussy. I started circling her clit and she asked 'what are you doing?'

I replied with 'nothing', kissed her and started rubbing her clit. She didn't stop me so I proceeded to give her another orgasm. Afterwards, she jacked me off to another amazing cum. We relived that particular scene a few more times till she said she just didn't feel she loved me and broke it off. We are trying to be friends right now and we do ok on days that she is ok, but come her period or if she has a bad day, I just try to leave her alone. We are still friends and think we will be for a long time, but I do miss the times we shared



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