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Girl-to-Girl Mutual

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Girl-to-Girl Mutual
The one event I recall happened about two years ago, but I remember as if it were yesterday and still use the memory as a turn on to masturbate frequently.
It happened when I was staying over at my friends house, Cindy was about 17 and i was 16 (i'm 21 now). We had planned to have some regular girl fun of makeup, drooling over boy posters and listening to music.
Cindy was always hotter than me and when we were leafing through one of those teen heartthrob magazines, she commented how cute one of the models were and how she would love to suck his cock. I giggled at how silly that sounded and Cindy went further discussing how she wanted to cum imaging him putting his penis in her. Well, I tell you I was shocked my friend thought such a way, but I was aroused and felt myself get wet. I masturbated frequently and at that time just the thought of anything sexual turned me on(not much has really changed since then)
She then asked me if I ever "fingered myself" and I hesitantly told her yes. "And you?" I asked. "Like everyday!!" She said with a laugh. Well, I felt better knowing that I wasn't the only one, but when she asked me if she could see my "cunt hole", I froze. I was getting very aroused at this point and when she said that we'd undress at the same time, I guessed it was okay. I let her see my hairy pussy, still a bit embarrassed. She asked if she could touch it. I said ok. She put her index and middle fingers right on my clit and I nearly spasmed right in her hand. Cindy continued to rub my clit and I let her, the pleasure growing between my legs. She moved her fingers in slow circles, dipping them from time to time in my cunt to take my juices to rub my clit. She would so that for a while then she took my clit in between her two fingers, bringing them up and down across my clit. it was such a new experience to actually be fingered by someone else!!!
We laid down on the bed and I gathered the courage to stroke her little clit. She moaned with pleasure and I began to thrust my fingers deeper in her cunt. She opened her legs wider so I could stick my fingers further up her pussy and I obliged. Getter hotter by this single act then anything else in my life. I drove my fingers into her faster with my left hand while I rubbed her clit with my right. thankfully, her parents had decided it was alright to leave us home alone since my parents were right next door. Cindy was loud!! She gyrated her hips to my fingers, thrusting her pussy along them, fucking my fingers. Her hands were at her small breasts, kneading her nipples as she continued to hump my fingers. I felt the inside of her spasm around my fingers and she let out a cry as she shook all over, her legs flexing, toes curling, head back as she orgasmed.
She let out a sigh and got off the bed, your turn, she had said. I was more than happy to oblige, I got on the bed and widen my legs. "I've always wanted to do this," she said. And I watched with shock and I felt her tounge flick back and forth on my clit. Later that night she had told me how her older brother talks with her about things like that and she had always found being with a woman arousing.
It was divine!!! She then put her tongue inside my pussy, bringing her head back and forth and she fucked me with her tounge. That was the first time I had ever had vaginal stimulation and I let out a few moans of my own. Cindy muttered how her tongue was tired and she went to fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit. I arched my back, grinding on her soft, small fingers, feeling them go deep in me. I daydreamed that it was a real cock that was being driven inside of me. The thought made me even hornier and I was now going at her fingers like mad!!!! I groaned and panted, my breathing getting heavier and louder as that all too familiar feeling down there started to build.
I asked her to tongue me while I came and she did. As her tongue began to probe me again, I couldn't take it and my body shuttered and jerked with orgasm. "That tasted funny, but it was good." she said after a moments silence. We giggled and got cleaned up as if nothing happened, just a mutual exploration of sexual pleasure between friends, but the night was far from over. The real fun that night began when her brother came home....but that is a tale for another time. 



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