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Girl on Girl Fantasy

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I've never been with another woman, but I think that it could really happen.


I know that the thought of me being with another woman drives my husband wild. Not just the fantasy, but the fact that the subject has come up, more than once. And if it came right down to it, I think that some men may be a little apprehensive about the whole thing,(maybe not)but mine would be front and center, ready for girl on girl fun with me right in the action.

Years back, the guys would all go out to the "strip club" and I would feel a little left behind. When my husband did finally ask me to go, we had such a good time! I would tip the girls and they would rub their breasts all over my face! I know that my man had a huge hardon over this, and the sex at the end of the night would be wonderful. One time, on vacation, we went into a club and my husband bought me my first lap dance. The room that we were in in was private, but patrons at the bar could peek around the corner and still get a view of the action. The dancer was rubbing her body on mine and touching me in a way that a woman has never touched me before, I could not take it any more. I slid down from the couch and slid my tongue across the inside of her thighs. I know that men were watching, but more then that, I knew that my husband was ready to explode! That was the closest that I have ever been to being with another woman, and though that was a while ago, the thought does cross my mind.

I do wonder what it would be like. Me with another woman. Or bringing a woman home to join us. Could I do it, or is it meant as just a fantasy. I think of us, together, having a glass of wine, getting to to know each other. She kisses me, softly and passionately. I begin to feel my pussy get wet. I kiss her back, hard, pushing myself against her leg. Is this really happening? Just the thought makes me hotter. Out of the corner of my eye, I see my husband watching us. He is stroking himself, his mouth open. I have never seen him so excited. I slip her top over her head and begin to lightly lick her nipples. She moans and my husband pulls harder at his hard cock. All that I want at this point is to taste her pussy. The smell is incredible. I start to lick her hole softly, but she wants me to go harder. I push my tongue inside her and she is so wet.

As I start to suck her clit, I feel hands from behind me grabbing my breasts. My husband can't control himself any longer, he has to be a part of this. He fucks me from behind with my face buried deep in her pussy. I suck her clit hard and she starts to shake. She's going to cum on my face. I lick harder and faster. I'm going to cum!! I feel my husbands dick swell even harder as he slams himself as far up into me as he can! The woman grabs my head and pulls me into her. I can feel the contractions as she starts to cum. My husband thrusts even harder, we are going to cum together...I can't take it!! I explode!

Except for the first time lap dance and the few times that I've had breasts rubbed on my face "at clubs" I've never been able to experiance any kind of girl action. It may be that it is just a fantasy, which I have fingered myself to many times, but some day... I will let you know.



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