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Girl in the Park

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This story relates to my younger days when I was 14 and had not long discovered masturbation. During the school summer holidays I would meet some pals of mine over the local park and would often be joined by a girl called Donna who would have been about our age. She was a bit of a tomboy and would muck in with our rough and tumble games. One day she arrived with a skirt on instead of her usual shorts. She also wore a sleeveless tank top, showing off her perky little breasts, which looked like they were just developing into her bra.

On this particular day Donna sat at the top of the climbing frame and I had a perfect view up her skirt at her little blue panties. This had the obvious effect on my teenage hormones and soon had me tenting my shorts. I sat at the bottom of the climbing frame with the pretence of talking to her, but it was really to get a prolonged view at her underwear. I wasn't sure if she knew the effect she was having over me, but she shuffled herself around for a more comfortable postion and opened her legs even wider. Her panties were now stretched tight over her mound and I could make out her lips through the thin material. By now my raging boner was set to burst from my pants, so I made my excuses and rushed home for some relief. The precum had leaked into my shorts and it wasn't long before I was shooting ropes of cum over my stomach in the sanctuary of my bedroom.

The following day I went over to the park as usual, but only Donna had arrived, (I later found out my pals were at soccer training for the day). She had a skirt on again, but no bra this time as her little pointy nipples were poking out through her vest top. We ended up on the kids climbing frame again, her at the top with me below. As we talked Donna said; 'You were looking up my skirt at my knickers yesterday, weren't you?' 'Did you have to go home for a wank?' Well this had me blushing immediately, to which she said 'You did, didn't you...?' I didn't know where to look, as she was now sitting with her legs apart again, this time with pale pink panties on. Again they were stretched tight and I had already recognised those lips through the material. 'Follow me' she said, and jumped down and went to leave the play area. I followed her as she went behind the park buildings where the gardening equipment was housed.

We were alone now, surrounded by bushes on three sides and the building. 'Do you want a better look' she said, as she raised the front of her skirt. Her pink panties were the bikini type with just a triangle at the front, as she pulled them up tight so her pussy lips were now obvious through the cotton. I stood there speechless staring at her crotch, as she touched her pussy through her panties. 'This feels nice, do you want to touch it?' 'Yes' I stammered, and gently caressed her pussy mound from outside her underwear. She groaned slightly, and I could see the cotton was dampening between her lips. Her nipples were now like small bullets as they stretched themselves into her t-shirt. 'Oh that feels so good' she said and placed my other hand on one of her little tits. 'Rub them softly' she said and stood there as I tried to coordinate rubbing her pussy with one hand and caressing her breast with the other.

Her panties were now quite damp, as she placed her hand on my shoulder and began to gently shudder. Her knees buckled slightly as she put her head back and moaned. I stopped my rubbing as I thought I had hurt her. 'Keep going' she said, so I continued until she let cry with a growl and clamped her legs together, trapping my fingers. 'That's better, but what about you?'. She reached for my groin and instantly felt my boner in my shorts. I was not far from cumming myself when she told me to get it out. I dropped my trousers and shorts around my ankles and stood there in front of her. 'Go on then, wank it' she said, as I started to rub my cock up and down.

'Wait a minute, you've now seen my cock, but I haven't seen your pussy' I said. At which point she pulled the front of her panties out and down, giving me a perfect view of her sparsely haired pussy. 'Come on, wank into my knickers' she said. I approached her with cock in hand, pulling it hard and fast. The pressure building up in my groin was like nothing I had felt before. 'Yes, come in my knickers' she repeated as she pulled her t-shirt up revealing those perky little nipples. This sent me over the edge as rope after rope of cum burst from my cock, landing between her tits, down her stomach and onto her pussy lips. 'Oh yes' she cried as I drained the rest of the cum from my cock. After a brief recovery I quickly pulled my shorts back up, as she took her knickers off and cleaned herself up with them. 'Same time tomorrow?', she said....but that's another story.



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