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Girl I Met In the Airport

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I was waiting for a flight one day about six months ago. I struck up a conversation with a young lady sitting beside me who was waiting for the same flight. We talked for about an hour. She was so cute! I later learned she was 26. We agreed to swap e-mail addresses. She wrote hers out and she had a hotmail.com domain. I joked about that and she said she liked hot mail and winked at me.

After I returned home, we started writing each other. Before long, the letters turned very sexual and we would cyber, describing our bodies in detail, describing all our sexual desires and fetishes, in graphic detail. She told me exactly how she masturbates and what she thinks about and I described how I did it and what I thought about, how often, etc.

She lived in a city I visit periodically, so before I went there on my next trip, I let her know I was coming and we made a date, so to speak. The date was to be nothing more than her coming to my room and at long last, after many e-mails about our naked bodies and masturbation, we were going to get naked and watch each other masturbate. I couldn't wait. All the way to her city in the plane, that's all I could think about. I had to fold a newspaper over my lap to hide my boner in the airplane.

She showed up at my hotel exactly when she said she would and I met her in the lobby. We didn't waste any time! We went straight to my hotel room and as soon as the door was closed we were making out madly and getting out of our clothes. She had such a wonderful petite little body, but her breasts were larger than I thought they would be, and her pussy was to die for!

We had our hands all over each other and our mouths busy devouring each other all over. She laid down on the bed and I turned the bedside lamp on which lit up the bed very well. I spread open her legs and got inches from her pussy and studied her pussy for the longest time, taking in every fold of her lips, spreading them and studying her clit and love tunnel, memorizing every detail. Then she did the same to me. I laid down and spread my legs and she positioned herself close to my dick and studied my dick and balls carefully. Just doing that I think is hugely erotic. She took my dick and placed it against her cheek and carressed it like it was made of gold.

At long last, it was time for us to masturbate. Rather than doing it at the same time together, she wanted to watch me first, then I could watch her. I laid down and she snuggled against my shoulder looking down my body. She could easily see my hand slowly gliding up and down my dick. As I jacked, she was telling me how sexy it was to watch me. I was telling her everything I wanted to do with her body. Finally, I told her I was cumming and I gushed cum all over my stomach. She loved the sight of my cum pumping through the end of my dick. She got me a warm damp wash cloth and I cleaned up. Now it was her turn.

She laid down. I laid in the opposite direction on my side with my cheek resting on her thigh looking directly at her pussy. My dick was up near her head, so all she had to do was turn her head a bit and my dick was right in her face. She began slowly by rubbing her lips and sliding her fingers between her lips getting them wet. Then she rubbed her juices around and around and across her clit, then she would finger herself and go back to her clit. It was great to see this from just inches away. It took her about 15 minutes to cum and when she did, she exploded in almost violent shudders and contractions.

She ended up spending the night with me and we did some other things later that night. She is awesome and I'm planning on another trip to her city next month. I can't wait to see her again!



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