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Girl Gone - Self Pleasure

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The alarm has sounded; it's quite dark on an autumnal morning.

I feel Estelle who has to get up before me. She's on her back. I slide my hand down her smooth belly, across the short hairs of her mound, down to her pussy opening which is only slightly damp. She lies passively then feels my penis which is hardening, let's go of me and murmurs that she must go.

I lie thinking of her body. My hand slides down to feel myself, my own short hairs which she has insisted that she cut and shave, now growing for some three weeks, about the same as hers as she cropped hers at the same time as mine.

On my back, eyes closed I feel my balls resting in the loose sac below each side of my now erect penis. That bit of me below my sac Estelle wanted only one side to be shaved because she liked to pull the long hairs (one or two at eight cm she told me one day) which grow there. I pull them and compare them with the regrowing short ones; they seem quite coarse as they grow.

My balls are loose, soft to touch. I form an O with finger and thumb encircling my cock at its mid point. I move my hand up and down, slowly, enjoying the sensation. I reposition my finger and thumb at the base of the shaft and repeat the motion. Not quite so good here; not quite as much pressure as further up so the sensations are not so keen and it feels a bit tight. A further repositioning, this time just under the head. Again, a bit tight but the sensations are acute. It would be better if the cock had cream on it, but I don't want that at the moment.

I stroke the head. It's almost silky, soft on top but the hardness can be felt if I push down on it a little. I play very lightly on the underside of the head: extremely sensitive here. Delicious! But better if anointed!

I turn over onto my stomach. My hard penis is now pressed between me and the bed. I thrust a few times. The sheets are not good for this! Not quite soft enough but the feelings are still good. Sometimes, when Estelle is away, I do this and slip my tool inside a pair of silk panties and then I can slide my cock easily and it's very exciting and I cum quickly driving hard into the panties and bed.

I return to lying on my back. I feel my hard cock, the thickness of it at its base, the hard extension of it below my ball sac, the reduced girth at its middle and its very slightly thinner girth higher up. My finger and thumb settle round the mid point again; they use the loose skin to glide up and down the shaft. I can feel the almost grainy texture below the surface of the organ as my desire increases with each stroke.

I maintain the stroking action for a while; I stop, touch the end of the tool to feel if there is any liquid there, any pre-cum, but no, it usually only comes when Estelle plays with my cock.

With my right hand I caress my balls, with my left I stroke, the motion the same, the hand gliding along the pole. My eyes are closed all the while so it is all touch, no visual at all. The sensations are somehow increased. I move my hand slowly in order to heighten my desire and allow me to appreciate the texture and hardness of my cock, to enjoy the anticipation of the cumming I know to be on its way.

I rest a moment, feel my balls with both hands, pull the hairs below them, marvel at the rigidity of the shaft below my balls, explore the tube running along the underside of my penis through which, soon, will be shooting my seed. I decide there has been enough playing: I must cum! The finger and thumb resume their motion while my other hand rests on my balls.

The stroke is a bit quicker now, the anticipated climax is nearing, the excitement building up as I look forward to the impending climax. But then I slow. My cock feels huge, very hard and tense; my balls have hardened too. I am nearing the edge.

The excitement increases as the hand continues its repetitive journey. I never cease to marvel at how, no matter how many times I masturbate, it is always exciting and I have to come back to doing it again and again to experience the delight of cumming, especially when I use different methods of doing it, and, of course, when Estelle does it too.

My hand has brought my hot rod to the edge now. I have thrown the sheets off so that there will be no spillage on them. I am close to my climax; a few more strokes and I will be there. I take some deep breaths as my hand moves up and down the rigid pole and I realise my balls have tensed right up and I feel inside that I am about to cum, nothing now can stop the superb climax just approaching.

I stiffen and groan deeply as the wonderful feeling of cumming hits me simultaneously as I feel the first intense pulse in my cock and the first shot of spunk erupts onto my belly followed rapidly by several more. I am conscious of the seed spraying right up onto my chest as my hand continues to massage my cock and my other hand can feel the tube pulsing beneath my ball sac as the spunk is spurting..

The sensations are exquisite, no wonder I keep coming back! The pulses are diminishing, the flow is abating and pooling round the tip of my tool. My massaging slows right down, stops. I rest awhile enjoying the aftermath of a good cumming. I realise I have spent well as my cock starts to soften.

I put the light on to view my achievement of the morning: a good delivery I think. I've had a week off from this and relief given by Estelle so the product seems to have been copious!

Should I do this again later in the day before she gets back? It might be worth it and it might even be more intense as often a second cumming can be.



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