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Girl 'Fun'

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thought i'd post a lil tale of fun w/ another girl. Site still Rocks, new look of some pages is totally rad!


This happened one night while i was visiting my girl friend,
Kate, and her family at their cabin.
Kate & I before this night - had always talked about sex & masturbation and admitted to doing 'it'. Had even masturbated together once (did ourselves, in sleeping bags -
in a 2 person tent...but it was still hot - thinking of getting off & another girl getting off only inches away!
Anyways - the story;
It was a very very hot day and we had spent most of it in or on the water - trying to cool down. Well - that night,
we were out in the bunkhouse and found it impossible to sleep. I remember sitting up and turned on the fan beside my bed (thinking it might help). Well - as i was fumbling for the switch -- i heard low moans and the distinctive
sloshy/ rubbing sounds coming from kate's bed - So i knew she must was masturbating.
I reach up for the switch on the lil table lamp and when my
eyes adjusted -- i was right, there was Kate - naked, laying on her bed, legs spread and furiously rubbing her pussy. Oh my god - I started to feel my own pussy getting wet and a tingly feeling rush through me. I just sat there and watched her - and lightly touched my itching pussy.
I guess i knocked something on the table over and Kate sat up and was like; 'what was that?' I said i had knocked a glass over.
Well - she was like; 'sorry i got ya up and all - but i just had to masturbate.' I looked at her and said; 'thats ok - i can't sleep in this heat anyway and actually seeing you finally - made me wet and in need of some 'Fun'.
She slinked over in her bed and said; 'well - come here, if
we are both gonna 'get off' we may as well do it together and by being in the same bed we can watch each other!'
So - went over and layed on the bed beside her. As she started going at her pussy again, i slipped off the bottom
of my bikini and started on my own 'zone'.
Once - we looked each other in the eye and came close together. Kate then says; 'well - that was good -- but i
could go for a lil more fun, how bout u?' I said; 'ya, me 2'.
She lays across my lap and reaches under the bed and comes back up with a box. It contained 2 vibrators and she handed one to me, turned hers on and slid it into her self.
I did likewise and we got off again. Then she took hold of
the vib in me and got me off again, i fingered her while she did.
We were just laying there - each fingerin the other a lil and we hear something right outside the window. Next thing - we know, her brother is standing on the steps with a flashlight and says; 'i knew it- the 2 of u were getting off together, i will now have to tell mom & dad!'
Kate & i devised this plan that would make her brother 'jack off' etc in front of us - and even do a sexual act in a public location - but thats a different tale for a different time!



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