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Gf Caught Me

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I have posted several experiences about me exposing myself to different women while I was masturbating. It is so exciting to see the look on their faces when they get a good look at my cock. The ones that watched long enough to see me cum were clearly the most exciting. To be looking directly at a woman's face while her eyes are glued on my cock as I start squirting cum everywhere is totally unbelievable. I think most of them just kept looking because they were so surprised by what they were seeing they just couldn't stop looking. I have had a lot of good and bad comments from women over the years. Like 'oh my god' 'what the fuck ' 'you fucking pervert' 'jack that thing baby' 'that's so gross' 'I bet that feels great'. Etc.
Anyway, that is what I like and I never miss an opportunity. One day I was over at my girlfriend Tina's house and she said she needed to go the store. I said I would stay there and wait for her. She said she would be back in about an hour or so. The woman that lives next door to her is really hot and does yard work in a small bikini that shows all her assets. I've exposed myself to her several times and I don't guess she has ever told Tina because she has never said anything to me about it. Anyway she was out in her back yard again and I was naked as soon as Tina pulled out of the drive. I put some lube on my cock, walked right over to the sliding glass door and opened it all the way. I saw Shelly (that was her name) glance over at me and check me out for a few seconds. She was only about thirty feet away and had an unobstructed view. She looked away but kept looking back every few seconds. I was in heaven and I knew I would explode everywhere in just a few more minutes. I was stroking my cock slowly so I could enjoy every second of this beautiful woman watching me jackoff. Just as I started to cum, I heard Tina's voice behind me saying 'Jack, what the fuck are you doing?' I was stunned. She had only been gone about 15 minutes. I shot the first squirt out on the patio then spun around to face Tina. I had stopped stroking myself, but I was still cuming and was making a mess all over Tina's carpeting. She said 'I thought you had been jacking off in front of Shelly and I thought if I came right back I could catch you doing it and I was right. Shelly has hinted that she has seen you before. Jack do you know how perverted that is?' Tina walked over to the door and told Shelly she was sorry for what I had done and assured her it wouldn't happen again. Shelly came over and walked in. I was still standing their butt naked with cum still dripping out of my cock, but I was still rock hard and had no sign of it going down anytime soon. Shelly looked down at my cock and turned to Tina and said 'Tina I'm really sorry you caught Jack. You are so lucky to have a man that has that nice of equipment and takes good care of you all the time. It has been so long since I've had a man that I really enjoyed seeing him jackoff. I always give my vibrator a real work out after watching him and all that beautiful cum must be great. If you hadn't been my friend I would have tried to fuck him a long time ago.' Tina said 'Well! Jack, if Shelly's not mad I guess it's pretty hard for me to be.' She walked over to me and gave me a hug and slipped my still hard cock right in between her legs. She turned to Shelly and said ' Shelly you can look but no touching and absolutely no fucking. Jack is still my man.' They both laughed and Tina said she had better go clean me up. She told Shelly to fix herself and us a drink and we'd be right back. As we started for the bathroom Shelly said 'you do have a beautiful cock Jack.' Tina turned with a smile on her face and said 'don't forget that's my beautiful cock, Shelly.' Shelly said 'go ahead, rub it in why don't you.' We all laughed because we were sure that was what Shelly wanted to do.
Later that night Tina and I were in bed fooling around and she started asking me if I had ever jacked off in front of other women before. I told her I had done it so many times that I had lost count. She asked me to tell her about some of them. I started telling her some of the experiences I have posted here on Solo while she was jacking me off and I was playing with her pussy. After a few stories she grabbed me and pulled me over onto her and slipped my cock in her pussy and said, 'fuck my brains out Jack and think about jacking off in front of some beautiful strangers.' That was the best sex night we ever had.



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