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Getting Worked Up

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I just found your site the other night and it's really great!


Hi there, I just found this site the other night, and I think it's absolutely fabulous! It's so great reading other people's ways of doing things and techniques, and can be quite the turn on.
This story is from the night I found this place. I was talking to someone about masturbation and the such and getting into quite the mood while doing so. After our conversation ended, for whatever reason, I decided to search the web for masturbation stories. I looked around a bit, and all the ones I found were quite disappointing until I happened along this site.
I was already in a good mood so to say, and reading some of the stories here really got me going. I just read some of them, not wanting to play with my pussy yet. I love holding back as much as possible, building the tension and everything, it can be hard to do, but it's so worth it in the end. So I was reading some of the stories here, mostly the older ones (I figured I should start from back then and make my way to the newer ones) and I just started playing with my tits, mainly just tweaking and pinching my nipples, getting them really hard.
With no one else home, I decided to take my top off, and pants, leaving me just in my panties. It was nice and cool wearing just that, and the air on my nipples felt really good. As I continued my reading, I was having a hard time concentrating, and finally decided to let my hands find my pussy. I really lightly started caressing it and moving my hand over it and around it. Normally I like to keep going like this for awhile, but reading one of the stories here really got me going and I let a finger slip inside. I closed my eyes and just slowly started moving it in and out, letting my other hand stay up and my chest and I kept playing with my tits.
With my eyes closed I just started moving my finger around a bit faster and deeper, and letting my thumb find my clit. I started moving my thumb is circles around it, trying not to put to much pressure on it, to keep this going as long as possible, but my hips started to move with my fingers and pushing up against my thumb. Knowing I wouldn't be able to keep under control for to much longer if I kept this up, I just stopped completely, pulling my fingers out and just letting my other hand continue to play with my chest.
I opened my eyes and looked down to my pussy. I had been reading a lot of stories about girls looking at themselves in a mirror while pleasuring themselves, so I thought I might try it. I got out a smallish mirror and lay on the ground with it in between my legs and I started up again. My pussy was completely swollen and really red, almost like it was glowing. Forgetting my chest now, I let both hands go down, one of them spreading my lips a little so I could get a bit of a look at myself, since I'd never done this before. For some reason, it was a really big turn on. Inside my pussy was glistening with wetness and just begging for attention, and I gave it just that. I brought my other hand to it and sunk two fingers in right away and forgetting my normal slow start, I just went at it. My hips almost immediately started moving around as I my orgasm back as much as I could. I just kept speeding up, obviously not looking in the mirror anymore. Soon I lost complete control of what I was doing. My hips just started bucking against my hand and my fingers moved in and out of my, trying to push deeper and deeper each time, my breathing turned more into sharp breaths with very soft moans of pleasure in between. After one orgasm I didn't stop though, and almost right after, a second one hit me that sent my head reeling. Once that one came to an end, my body just fell limp on the floor. I didn't try and move, but I really don't know if I would have been able to or not. I just lay there very slowly catching my breath, once again happy with what I'd done to myself.
Eventually I got enough energy to stand up and clean up a little before going to my bed and just collapsing and falling asleep.
I hope you all like my story, I'll make sure there are more to follow as I have quite a wide range of them. Just writting this was pretty fun actually, but I don't think I'll get to doing anything just yet ;).



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