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Getting Watched Watching TV

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I've always been a bit of a tease. After a year away at college I took it to the next level.


I just started school out of state last year. My mom and dad are your typical busy suburban types, and my younger brother, who just turned 18, is your typical suburban high school jock, though he is a good kid at heart and we've always been fairly close.

Me, I'm the responsible one, the good girl. I always got good grades, had a few close friends, dressed fairly conservatively (at least compared with the party girls at my school!) dated infrequently and pretty much toed the line.

But in my heart, I know the truth is, I'm a bit of a slut.

For instance, I've been masturbating since I was much younger, though I've always done it completely privately. And I know I'm lucky, because I come pretty easily and when I do it rocks my world. Sometimes, I nearly pass out.

And by the time I turned 15 I'd started to figure out just how much power I had over men and boys through my sexuality. I didn't do it to get anything. It was just fun to see them react. At heart, men are all pervs, well, at least all the ones I've met.

And my dad is no exception. As I said, it was around the time I turned 15 that I started to play little games around him. I'd dress provocatively, wearing panties and little tees around the house when I knew it was only going to be the two of us at home. I'd let him see me going from the bathroom to my bedroom wearing only a towel, and one that was purposely just barely big enough to cover the important stuff.

I kept this up for years, and my dad ate it up. I'm sure he thought I wouldn't know he was staring, or following me around hoping to catch a peek. Not only did I know, but that was the point of the whole thing.

Anyways, my first year away from home was an eye opener. I had sex for the first time, masturbated with another person (my roommate) for the first time, fooled around at a party in front of other people for the first time and went skinny dipping for the first time, too. It was great.

So even though I didn't look much different when I got back home for summer break, believe me, I was different.

Ever since I was little my dad and have watched TV together. Mom goes to bed early and my brother is always off with friends or on his computer. I almost always either lie down on the floor facing the TV with my dad on the couch behind me or sit on the couch snuggling up with my dad.

Even though I was 19 now, that somehow never changed. In fact, the second night I was back things started getting interesting. I had taken to wearing my dad's white beater tee-shirts, an idea he he really liked. I'm about 5'5' and pretty skinny, with long blond hair and great little tits that I wouldn't trade for the world. And when I wore those tees, well, I could pretty much control all of the action in the room with a simple stretch or by bending over just enough.

That's what I was wearing as I laid my head in my dad's lap watching TV. I realized at some point that from his point of view he could see down my shirt, though I was pretty sure he wasn't seeing everything he wanted to see. Normally that would have been fine by me, but like I said, I'd changed. This time I discreetly adjusted my shirt

so there was a big gap in the front so dad could see my entire mini rack, my puffy little nips and all. And was he ever watching. I glanced up a couple of times and he was making no bones about it. He was openly staring at my boobs. I loved it.

It was then that I realized I was experiencing yet another first. With the back of arm, on which I was mostly resting my head, I could feel that Dad was starting to get a little hard. All that separated us from skin to skin action were his cute summer weight flannel plaid sleep shorts.

Did I mention they were also quite loose fitting?

I again adjusted my position so my tee got pulled way down so my titties were essentially completely exposed and I moved my head further toward his rising package and placed my hand on his thigh, innocently enough, just below his cock, which I could feel through his shorts against my cheek.

I then made a stunning realization. When I talked, it dawned on me, the movement of my jaw and mouth down there acted as a kind of massage against his by-now very hard dick. So I kept the conversation going while dad did his best to grunt an occasional appropriate response.

On a couple of occasions, dad tried to move, to rearrange himself, but I was simply rearranged myself so I was still sitting pretty with my head on his hardware. The third time he tried it, he moved back some and I rolled over, facing him toward the back of the couch my head on his thigh just below his shorts.

As I settled in and opened my eyes I was greeted with such a sight: mere inches in front of me, there it was, my dad's raging hard cock staring me in the eye though the loose leg of his sleep shorts.

Placing my hand on his bare thigh actually mostly inside of his shorts, I kept up the conversation. And as I did, I began to rub his thigh with my hand, moving it higher and higher until I could feel with my thumb the edge of his balls and then, with the back of my hand, the lower side of his cock. This time dad didn't make a move. Emboldened by this, I reached in and grabbed a handful of nice dad cock.

'Oh God, Dad, it's beautiful,' I whispered as I stroked him. With that same hand I pushed his shorts up away from his cock, pulling it out into the open. I jacked him, my face resting on his leg, my mouth just inches from the big engorged head of his dick. I sooo wanted to lean forward and take it into my mouth, to feel my dad's cock on my lips and tongue, but I didn't. Instead I kept jacking him. And he let me!

Before too long I knew he was coming, and I wanted him to. He started making these noises like fast paced little grunts and then he stiffened and exploded, his cock shooting at my face, splattering me with it again and again while I kept on jacking him off. I was covered. I loved it.

When he was done, I sat up, still facing him. I pulled the beater tee over my head and sat there facing him, a happy, satisfied, devilish grin on my face. I wiped my father's cum away with the tee shirt and then leaned in and kissed him on the lips.

Then I got up, wearing just my pink panties, said good night and went up to my room, where I masturbated to the three biggest orgasms of my life.

The next morning with the four of us at the breakfast table dad acted as though nothing had never happened.

But something did happen.

And it's going to happen again.



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