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Getting Rid of the Growth

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I'll start off with a little background. I am 19 years old, 5'9', 210 lbs, and 5 3/4 inches long penis and kinda thick. I know I'm not generously endowed but it's big enough. I'm a college student so I still live at home.

My girlfriend (we'll called her A) is 17 years old, 6'1', C cup breasts and an ass to die for. We have been dating for a year and a half. She is in high school so lives at home as well. The unique thing about her is what happens when she orgasms. When she cums, she gushes fluid like I've never seen before. It's like a waterfall, and I find it absolutely sexy. I love seeing girls squirt and I think I've gotten her to do it a few times.

About a year ago, my girlfriend had some sort of small growth on her face. We never really knew what it was but it didn't cause pain so she just let it go away naturally...but I helped....

Around halloween time, my mother had gone out of the house on a Saturday. Perfect opportunity for some alone time with A. We had been dating for six months at the time and had messed around since the second month we were dating. Once my mother was gone, we headed over and into my room. It's always so hot to get her naked.

For the record, we are both virgins and plan to stay that way until we are married, but there is nothing wrong with a little fun.

I am a gentleman so every time we mess around, I always make sure to make her orgasm first. We started on my bed making out. Eventually I get her completely naked, and me just in my pants. I kiss down her neck to her nipples that are incredibly sensitive. I have given her an orgasm a few times by just licking her nipples the right way, but that is another story. My hand travels down her body to her already wet vagina. I dip my fingers in and spread the moisture around. I slowly drag my fingers to her clit. I start rubbing just how she likes. Slow to start with. I start to pick up the pace when she starts moaning and grinding her hips into my hand. I can already feel the waves of juices flowing out of her. She hasn't orgasmed yet, but there is already a small puddle on my bed. I start rubbing faster and licking harder. She finally lets out a long, loud moan and I can feel the flood come. I keep rubbing until she stops writhing. I can still feel her clit pulsing under my fingertip. As she comes down, a big smile comes over her face. That was a good one.

Once she gets a little composed, it was my turn. I lay back as she grips the shaft of my penis and slowly begins stroking. She has had much practice with me and knows just what I like. I start getting close so she lets go of my penis and plays with my balls and lightly scratches the area right behind them (ladies, if you've not done this to your man, do it! He'll love it. But be careful. It's the prostate and it's very sensitive).

Once I've come down a little bit, she begins stroking me again. When I start getting closer again, I ask her if I can cum on her (that's right, I asked. It's her body). Lucky for me she agreed. I straddled her with my penis head about over her belly button. Looking down was one of the sexiest sights I've ever seen. Here she is laying under me, stroking my penis, as I feel her gorgeous breasts.

Now, I've been known to shoot quite a distance. I have hit the wall behind my head many a time. I have been jacked off in the movie theatres once and shot the first one strongly into the back of the seat in front of me causing a very audible pop, and the next two shots went clear over the seat.

Her under me, stroking me perfectly was just too much and I told her I was gonna cum. She urged me one.

'Cum for me baby. Let it go'

That was more than enough to send me over the edge. The first shot got her right in the throat. The second splattered against the wall behind her head, and the third got her in the chin, right on her growth. the next few shots landed on her stomach, and I fell over almost passing out from pleasure.

After calming down and getting the use of my legs, I went to get a damp cloth to clean up.

While wiping my cum from her chin, I said

'Wouldn't it be funny if the growth went away after this?'

We both laughed thinking it to be unrealistic.

About a week later, it was gone. We both know it was probably a coincidence but it's fun to think that I helped.

Maybe soon I'll post some more stories like when I gave her a full facial.



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