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Getting Relief

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I was 13 when I got my first steady girl friend. Our big event was going to the movies on Saturday nights. We would sit in the last row, and kiss and fondle each other.


I began cultivating Joanie when I was 13, the same age as she. Most of our time together was spent either at her hose or mine. We could disappear into her den and get in a little kissing and tit squeezing, but our big event our Saturday night movie. One of our parents would drive us to the mall where the theater was, and we would watch the movie, and after the movie go get icecream, then call home so we could be picked up. After a couple of months of this, things progressed so that I got Joanie to wear a long full dress, and go to the ladies' room and take off her panties. Then we would sit on the back row, she would spread her dress so it covered my lap, and fun began. I would finger her pussy while she fondled my dick. We were afraid to make me come in the theater for obvious reasons, so when I got home my dick had been hard for about 3 hours, and my balls hurt like hell. As soon as I got home, I'd rush into the bathroom and relieve the ball pressure with a quick JO. Then after an hour or so of relaxing, I'd go to my room, get out my hidden vaseline, lube up, get in bed, and do a serious jacking. Two surprises came out of my romance with Joanie. The first one was pleasant, the last confusing. First, Joanie gave me an introduction to female cuntal anatomy when she told me to about her clit, where it was located and what to do with it. After that our games in the movie theater were much more fun for Joanie. The second surprise came from my mother. One Saturday when I came home after a date with Joanie, she was still up. She called me over before I could get into the bathroom, saying, 'I want to talk to you, sit down. I know how it is with boys and girls when they first start dating and what boys do when they get home. I've thrown away that filthy sock you hide under your mattress, get a hand towel from your bathroom and use that when you orgasm, then put it in the dirty clothes hamper. There's no need for you to hide the vaseline, put it back in the medicine chest. And you'd better start carrying condoms with you. Joan's mother and I have been talking about you two, and neither of us wish to become grandmothers yet. So when you two get together, go down in the basement playroom here or in their den for your fun and games. Joan's mother is to tell her the same things. I'm sure she's doing it now.' I was very surprised. She noticed, smiled, and said,'I was your age once, so I know what is going on with you two.'
The next day, Sunday, I asked Joanie if she and her mother had a talk after our date. She said that they had, and was as surprised as I was. The parents agreed that we could have our usual Saturday date, and visit once during the week and on Sundays during the school year. Soon after this, Joanie and I had our first intercourse.



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