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Getting off With My Sister-in-law

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True incident


Even though it's been some 24 years since all this happened, I still get hard thinking about it. My sister-in-law babysat our son while my wife and I worked. It was a nice arrangement, she lived only a few miles down the road, and though she refused payment, we would insist. My wife would drop our son (aged five) off in the morning because I had to be at work so early, and then since I got out of work two hours before my wife, I'd go to pick up our boy.

Since there was no rush to go home to an empty house, if Donna didn't have plans I'd stay for an hour or so to have coffee and talk, to give my son more time to play with his cousins and neighbor kids outside. We talked about all kinds of subjects, sometimes sex. She told me she first heard the word masturbation in school when she was in seventh grade, and that she didn't know what it was at the time.

We talked for some time about it, but she swore up and down that she never did it. I told her I didn't believe her, everyone does it. 'Do you?' she asked. 'Like I said Donna, everyone does it.' As time went on, sex talk became more common and I felt really attracted to Donna, but never let on.

As Summer approached Donna would have fans going but it still got quite warm in the house. I remember the first time I was very surprised to walk in and see Donna on the couch in just a large t-shirt and undies. She had a pillow in her lap. She got up, turned off the TV and went into the kitchen to get us some iced tea. Her t-shirt hung low, but I could see enough of her crotch to get my heart pounding.

She set down the drinks and before sitting down adjusted her undies, doing her best to quickly undo a wedgie without me seeing. But I did catch sight of her slit and dark shadow of pubic hair.

I was fired up, after months of hiding my desire I finally told her. I didn't want to cheat outright on my wife, I told her I wouldn't touch her, but that 'I have just got to see your pussy Donna.' With that she got up, appearing a little nervous, saying 'I can't, I'm sure it doesn't look any different than any other girls.' 'Yea, but it's yours.' I answered back.

I was desperate. I told her of a dream I had about her and two other girls at this party masturbating in a race and that she won. 'Oh that's nice' she laughed. I told her how I would get myself off replaying that dream in my head. She thought for a moment then said again, 'No, I can't I'm sorry.'

The next day as I drove up the long driveway, I swore I wasn't going to talk about sex with Donna again. I didn't see my son or either of his cousins outside and assumed they were inside playing. I went in and it was very quiet, the TV was almost always on, and the noise and laughter of kids filled the house, but not today.

'Donna?' I called out. I heard some kids playing at the house down the road and figured they all must have been over there. I walked down the hall. 'Donna, anybody home?' Just then I walked by the boys bedroom and saw Donna laying on one of the bunk style beds. She was on her stomach, her feet toward the door one leg drawn up. I thought she was sleeping. I stood there listening to my heart pound as I studied the curve of her ass, and saw her underwear riding up her slit. It was only for a moment but I quickly tried to mentally photograph the scene before me, as I saw her act like she was waking up.

'Afternoon nap?' I asked. 'No, I was thinking about what you said yesterday' she said as she sat up, 'I thought about it all day, about the dream you had and what you wanted to do.' 'And?....' I didn't know what else to say.

She stood up and came towards me, with a brief hug she whispered in my ear, 'We'll have to be quick, the kids are playing next door and could come in anytime.' She stepped back and I saw her pull down her panties. She went over and sat on the edge of the bed she had been lying on. I quickly undid my jeans and pulling out my hardon, sat on the edge of the other bed opposite her.

'Stand up a second Donna' I said almost shivering with excitement. She stood up and her pussy was right at my eye level. It was so swollen and red and I could smell the unmistakable scent of a worked on pussy. She pulled it open to reveal a dark red clit. I couldn't help but laugh. 'You started without me didn't you?!!'

Donna laughed as she stood there manipulating her clit. She shook her head as if to say no 'I can't believe we're doing this' she said. 'Yea, you could say I got a head start on ya' she admitted. She sat back down and we worked our organs in a frenzy. My penis throbbed at the sight of her rosy lips as she moved them in a circular manner, slowly picking up speed. After about three minutes I was getting close to coming. 'Let me know when you're gonna come Donna.'

'I don't think I'm gonna take much longer.' she said breathing heavy. I saw some clear goo oozing out from her slit and her rubbing made that beautiful wet squishy sound as her vagina puckered open.

We sat there staring at the other's sex, tension building to incredible heights, faster faster. Another minute or so went by.

Suddenly Donna got a shocked look on her face and staring down at her pussy, pulled it open. YES!! Oh GOD YESSSS!!!' She bucked the air, working it, then pulling it open, working it a bit more then pulled open. She looked down at her pussy as more clear ooze poured down over her ass cheeks.

I stood up and jerked off almost in her face, my sperm flying out in massive globs falling on her tits and belly just above her pubic hair. Both of us worked every last throb and sensation from our swollen organs, sharing time in the glorious land of Orgasm.

We talked about it a few times for months afterwards, and there were a few times Donna would give me a flash peek of her pussy, but I could not get her to masturbate with me again. It makes it that much more a treasured memory.



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