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Getting Off With Ballet Shoes

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Getting Off With Ballet Shoes
My favorite masturbation technique might seem a bit strange to some of you....but I like it! It all stems from my fetish for ballet dancers,not male dancers - ballerinas.They just turn me on!!! It's the well toned torsos and the powerful, supple legs that do it for me.I also have a slight foot fetish so I decided to merge them and create a unique "sex-toy".
My best friend studied ballet ever since she was a little girl and because of her I always took an interest in it.When I was at her house I always played with her pointe shoes, touching them and trying them on.I don't know why but I found them quite erotic.(I suppose it's a bit like men who get turned on by high-heels) When she was going to throw out an old pair I talked her into giving them to me...at first she thought it was a bit weird but I told her that I always wanted to be a dancer and it would be nice if I could have them and "play" ballerina.
She gave me them and I took them home and put them under my bed.That night I took them out and tried them on....I became aroused.I took them off and slipped out of my nightie and lay on top of my bedsheets.I started running the pointes slowly across my naked body.I could feel my labia starting to swell and I was getting wetter by the minute! Still rubbing my body with the shoes,I slid my hand down between my legs and started to play with my clit.I had just recently started masturbating so I didn't have much to go on but I KNEW that this was a special night! I took the shoes and slid them down to my lips and started rubbing the soft material against my clitoris....hmmmmm it felt good! After a while I stared to feel a tingling and a slight pulsing sensation and it felt so good that I started to move he pointes up and down, up and down from my clit right down to the bottom of my labia,good firm strokes so that they parted my lips as they went.By now I was dripping,I had never been this excited in my (young) life.I kept going,the strokes getting harder and harder as I got nearer to orgasm. I started to rub my clit with my other hand and I knew I was close to cumming,then all of sudden BANG! I was hit by the most intense sensation I had ever felt! I was writhing on the bed in ecstasy,juice flowing from my pussy onto the shoes and there was only one thing in my mind - I wanted it inside me!
Just as the orgasm started to calm I gently eased the top half of the shoe into my sopping pussy - I could feel it starting again! I propped myself up onto one arm so I could have a good look and I was greeted with a delicious sight - the shoe sticking out from my swollen lips and my juice coating my inner thighs............lovely! I grabbed the part of the pointe that was outside my body and I started to pump it furiously in and out,juice squirting everywhere I went on and on and on for ages until I had another unbelievable orgasm - a real toe-curler!!! I was in such a state that I started to push my hand inside my pussy,get it soaking wet, then I'd pull it out and put it straight into my mouth licking all my juice clean.
Whoooo....I'm getting a bit horny thinking about it again! I still use pointes as a toy,if anything they get my lips quivering more now than they did then! I wonder if there are any other girls out there who use ballet shoes for "fun"?



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