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Getting off in My Hotel Room

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Away on business and horny as usual.


I am away on business quite frequently, and always stop at a well known chain of travel inns in the UK. Usually when I arrive I shower, change into casual clothes and have a meal in the restaurant next door. After I return to my room, I get some work done and set my laptop up to do emails etc. When I finish my work, I look forward to enjoying myself. My laptop becomes my sexual friend, its images help me get off.

You see, over the years I have loaded it with tasteful images from various web sites, nothing smutty. Usually females in dresses, short skirts, or underwear preferably in stockings or pantyhose, either exposing and rubbing their pussies or panties with lusty expressions as they feel like me... horny! I have also saved some memorable stories from Solo Touch, and videos, mainly amateur, showing loving couples and girl/girl images getting each other off in various ways.

I now get ready to pleasure myself. First, as I will be naked, I turn the heating up, if it is cold, so that I feel comfortable. Then I position my laptop on a table, and to the side of it the soft armchair, which is positioned in front of a tall mirror attached to the wall. The chair is near enough to the mirror/wall so that I can put my feet up on the wall, either side of the mirror, exposing my cock, balls and anus. I get a towel and cover the seat, just in case I soil the chair. I am ready for pleasure.

I strip off totally, and have by my side the laptop mouse for my right hand, a bottle of lotion for my cock, and an anal dildo. This is a smooth wooden kitchen implement, about six inches long and one and a half inches thick, used for crushing things. I had been looking for something like this for years, having tried carrots and brush handles until I saw this in a shop. It is just the right size and shape, and stays in because the end is flared. I even got hard when I bought it from the female assistant in the shop, little did she know what I wanted it for!!

I sit in the seat with my legs apart and, at this precise moment, with my feet on the ground, letting my balls hang down, and my semi-erect cock get harder by the minute. On the laptop are the images of the women who have exposed themselves on the websites. I make a few comments as they flash up on the screen to encourage me. Things like, 'Oh your panties are nice', or 'Open your legs wider for me' 'Play with your pussy', 'Finger yourself hard', 'I wish my hand was between your legs now!!' etc etc. I get my lotion and pour a liberal amount onto my hard shiny knob. Using my left hand I smooth the lotion down my shaft, rub my balls with it and even slip a lubricated finger in my anus, Oh! this is beginning to feel good. Next, after rubbing my shaft gently for a few minutes, more lotion is applied to my shaft to keep it slick.

More images come on the screen. 'Yes, finger yourself you dirty woman', 'Make yourself come', 'Get yourself off for me' I say. Now I am rock hard and I reach for my 'anal dildo'. I pour lotion on the dildo and rub it all over, making sure it is coated well. I now lift my legs and position my feet either side of the mirror, this has the effect of lifting my crotch area up, exposing my cock, balls and particualrly my anus hole in the mirror. I get the dildo in my left hand and put it against my anus, all the time I am looking at the image in the mirror. I push it in gently, the fat bulbous end making me gasp with pleasure as it slips into my rear passage, my cock twitches with pleasure. I push it right up to the flared end, and my sphincter muscle holds it in place.

Now for the video images. I usually select a 'tame' video to start, just to keep me hard, usually a woman sitting on a wall, lifting her skirt, legs wide apart and rubbing her pussy, whilst people walk in the background, or a woman in a bathroom, who has just showered, sitting on the edge of the bath fingering herself to orgasm then licking her fingers. All the time I am rubbing my cock and balls, continuing to pour lotion on them. My dildo in my anus I push in and out using my muscle, taking it to the edge and then relaxing so that it slips back in on its own. I have got this off to an art now, and it becomes very important to me when I climax.

I now advance towards my orgasm. I select a particualr video, I have several that I cum to. A particular favourite is a young couple naked, kneeling together in their living room, the man behind and to the side of the woman, his left arm around her waist and his right hand and fingers rubbing her pussy. He gradually rubs her harder, pushing his fingers in and out quite quickly, making squelching noises with the juices from her pussy. She moans, rubs her pert breasts and hard nipples and cries out, her orgasm builds over several minutes. All the time I am rubbing my hard cock, my solid circumcised head now almost purple. I am squeezing my sphincter muscle in and out quite fast, making the dildo slide in and out giving me the sensations I love.

As she reaches her climax I rub my hard cock vigorously now, almost as a blur, making my own squelching noises. I am looking at myself cum in the mirror, my balls become tight, my anus twitches with pleasure, I feel my cum rising from within my body. Wham....Bang!! I spurt my hot cum onto my chest and stomach, several squirts of semen, at the same time my sphincter muscle spasms in my anus making the dildo quiver, pulsate and move in and out rapidly, almost out of control, prolonging the intense feeling in my groin. I let the dildo go and it plops out onto the carpet. My breathing is shallow as I come down from this dynamic orgasm, I am spent, I am fully satisfied.

I hope you liked the story of how I got off. I am an avid masturbator and hope it has helped both males and females excite themselves to orgasm. If only they could bottle the sensation one gets when you orgasm, I would buy a years supply!! Love to all you wankers and jillers.



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