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Getting Obsessed

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I don't seem to see these types of things written about too often on this site, so, as they have happened to me, I thought I'd share my experiences.

Since a young age, I have known that I only like girls. I've also discovered a little more recently what that means, sexually. Because of this, I started exploring a bit into my wilder side.

First of all, I am constantly horny. I cannot go a day without cumming at least twice. If there is no time otherwise, I make sure to wake up early to get in the shower before my parents wake up so I can take my time and really enjoy myself. I prefer the shower because I have it all to myself, as an only child, and my parents have their own across the hall. I also like the shower for the inconspicuous set of tools it has that I can enjoy.

I am talking about shampoo bottles. After using a few fingers to get off, I wanted to try something a bit bigger. I obviously started off very small (a hairbrush handle). It wasn't too much thicker than three of my fingers, but I still needed to go slow. When I pushed the first two or three inches inside of my pussy, it hurt for a little bit, but then just started feeling amazing. The handle had rows of rubber protrusions sticking out of it to give it its shape which only made it better. I started going a little nuts, shoving it in and out as fast as I could until I could feel my first orgasm of the day coming on.

I sped up and started bucking my hips towards the brush as I pushed it in. A few seconds later I had the feeling that I was going to pee, but I didn't care. I was so horny that the idea just turned me on more. A few more pumps with the brush and I climaxed. I let out a little gasp and then sighed as I pulled the brush out of my pussy, arching my back against the shower wall. As I did, I looked down because I thought I was peeing.

Instead, as the orgasm was pulsing inside me, I saw a stream of what looked like water shoot out of me. I didn't know what it was, but I liked it.

After that day, I kept moving up in the size of my toys. I moved up to a shampoo bottle first. It was slim, and not too wide, but definitely wider than the brush handle. When I slid that inside me, I didn't feel as much pain as I did with the brush, but my pussy was still stretched a little too tight to be comfortable. I started adopting a method for working up to the next size. I would get the bottle inside me and leave it there for a few minutes, take it out, and go again.

After a while, I started sleeping with bottles inside my pussy! Just before bed I have been going to the bathroom, grabbing a bottle, and pushing the entire thing inside me before going back to my room, acting like nothing was going on. I would stay wet for as long as I had one inside me, and every time I could get something bigger in there, I loved it even more!

My parents have never found out either. Just last week, I had walked downstairs with my robe on, forgetting that I had a bottle hidden in my pussy, and didn't realize it until I sat down! I felt it push up against my cervix when the spout touched down on my chair, making me remember the night before, and that I hadn't taken the bottle out of me yet. Given the size, I was surprised that it was possible for me to notice (it was as thick as my wrist)

Apparently, I'd moaned a little when I sat down, so my mom asked me if I was okay. I said yes, and then pretended to remember to need to get something upstairs.

I walked normally until I was out of sight, and then ran to the bathroom. My panties kept the bottle from sliding out as I moved. When I got to the bathroom, I took off all my clothes and stood in front of the mirror. I'd gotten so horny from all this, and seeing myself pull a ten inch bottle out of my vagina made me realize that I needed to cum as soon as I could.

The bottle from that night had been in me long enough so that I was used to the size, I so I went to the shower and got the biggest bottle I could find. I was ready for it! All I could think of was stretching myself out as big as I could! Luckily, this bottle was domed a bit at one end so its width would be easier to get in my pussy than if it were flat.

It was round, at least three inches wide, and about nine inches long. I walked over to the middle of the bathroom and set the bottle spout down and round side up. I then squatted over it and positioned my pussy over the top of it. It was still cold, so I held it against my pussy lips as it warmed up a bit. When I was used to the temperature, I spread my lips and let my weight fall slowly onto the bottle.

It took a few minutes of rocking back and forth on it for it to slip in, but as soon as it did, I was in heaven! I had an orgasm just by getting it halfway in me! After that, I stretched my pussy out slowly by going up and down on it until it felt a little bit loose. I stood up, still holding it all the way inside me. I then sort of waddled (I had to waddle, because the bottle was pressing up against my insides so much) over to the edge of the shower/tub and put one leg over.

I put the the bottle on the flat top of the tub's edge so that I was straddling them. I then went to town, I was breathing so heavily, I prayed my parents wouldn't walk by the door, because they would definitely hear me. As I humped this massive bottle I had orgasm after orgasm. after each one it got harder to keep my moaning quiet.

After my sixth climax, I'd had my fill. I fell down on the bottle, still straddling the edge of the tub. The entire thing was in me now! Once I'd calmed down, I stood up and let the bottle slide out of me.

It felt amazing. For the next few minutes, my pussy was so loose that I could actually shove my hand inside me without barely even trying! Needless to say, I had to try that out once before finishing. When I came from humping my entire hand, I pulled it out and squirted a stream of cum all the way across the bathroom!

Since that day, I've been looking for something even bigger! I know I am young, and I'm getting ahead of myself, but I can't help it! Every time I cum, no matter what way I do it, it feels better than the last time! Unfortunately, I've run out of ideas of things to masturbate with. Any of the bottles I have works amazingly, but I want to find my limit. I think I may have to wait until I can buy something flexible.

Thanks for reading!



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