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Getting My Wife To Touch Herself

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This is for you Deebee


I have been reading this site since the 90's, it is great to know that we all get horny.

I love to read these stories and play with myself. After my early years of right hand stroking, once computers and this site came along I've gotten just as good masturbating with my left hand.

Deebee's story really turned me on; I was stroking myself while I read it, and as soon as I finished reading I leaned back and thought about her all wet, fingering herself while she typed and I had a great orgasm, all the way up to my chest and my legs kept twitching for about 30 seconds.

So Deebee here's a story that really happened with my wife. I'm very turned on right now, my cock is leaking precum all down the shaft.

A couple years ago we're sleeping and I wake up in the middle of the night with an erection. I snuggle up to my wife's backside as she sleeps in just a t-shirt, no panties.

She moves her bum into me a little, she's still asleep but she's reacting to my hardness against her. I slowly caress her thighs and bum. This gets her a little turned on as she rolls onto her back. She's still asleep and I gently stroke her breasts. Her breathing gets faster and I roll her nipples between my fingers through her shirt, they get nice and hard. (She calls them her Bing Cherries)

Getting more daring I gently placed her hand on her pussy and she slowly started to rub her vulva lips. Now this was a big turn on for me because she never admitted to masturbating. She loves sex, but she's shy. I kept my hand lightly on hers to feel how she was doing it. She was still asleep, her hips were moving up, she was rubbing her clit but keeping her pussy lips together. Then she would stroke up and down her slit, then back to moving her lips over her clit. Female masturbation has always been a big mystery to me, I was so turned on to actually feel her hand on her own pussy as she pleasured herself. Her breathing is getting strong now and her hips rise-very sexy.

I touched her nipples once more and she started to wake up. I lay still and pretended to be asleep. She reached over and grabbed my hard cock and whispered 'I was dreaming of roses opening up, you got me all worked up, I'm buzzing in my privates.' She never calls it her pussy.

Off comes the t-shirt (I was sleeping in the raw). She has me get on top of her, and in a change from our normal lovemaking she grabs my penis and says 'Don't put it in, let me play.'

Holding the tip of my cock, which was wet with precum, she slowly moved it around her pussy lips and over her clit. Her hand on my cock head, the slight tugging, her knowing movements, it all was so erotic. Especially because this was so unlike her to openly pleasure her pussy, and she was doing it with my hard cock as a tool.

She had her head back with a far away expression. She was spreading her pussy lips with my penis, rubbing it up and down, going side-to-side over her clit. I could feel her hard nub cross over my pee hole, oh man. I said 'I thought you didn't play with yourself', half joking. She said 'I like to keep some mystery in our relationship.' I said 'I bet you can't keep doing this on your button till you cum.' She tried, but pretty quickly she put both hands on my ass and.......

This site is about masturbation so this is where the story stops. Ahh, but I've got my cock in my hand now people, I'm so turned on, I'm off to have a good squirt. I hope you liked my story and keep those orgasms coming.



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