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Getting Mom Into Nudism

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My latest adventure in nudist masturbating....


Something surprising and really amazing happened at the end of the summer. I was talking to my Mom not long after my last trip to the resort. She was asking me about these little trips I kept making, and wondering what I was doing. I've always been very close with Mom, so it seemed strange to her that I would be so secretive about what I was doing. After some thought, and her prodding me, I finally admitted it to her. I was regularly going to a nudist resort.

Mom was shocked, as you might imagine. But she was also quite curious. We had a very long talk about nudism, and why I liked it. She didn't seem to have an opinion one way or another about me doing it, she just wanted to understand why it appealed to me.

Not long after, Mom stopped by my place for a visit. After some typical small talk, Mom blurted out "I want to try it." Now it was my turn to be shocked. I never thought, in a million years, that my mom would want to try nudism with me. But I was also quite happy. As I said, we've always been close, and it excited me that I'd be able to share this new part of my life with my Mom.

I said I could book us a cabin at the resort for Labor Day weekend. Mom liked that, since it gave her a couple weeks to build up the courage. She thought it might be a good idea for us to "practice." So a couple times leading up to our trip, Mom would either come to my house or I'd go to her house and we'd hang out naked. It was fun to see my Mom go from nervous to comfortable so quickly. I just knew she'd enjoy the resort.

Mom, I should say, has really kept her figure over the years. She's always made a point of staying in shape, which in turn has kept her looking youthful. She's nearly 60, but could pass easily for 40 or maybe younger. Her breasts, though small, have remained firm and perky. She's slim, with a round toned butt, and a neatly trimmed bush. I didn't want to admit it at first, but being naked with my Mom like that was making me quite horny. This was a fact I kept to myself.

Labor Day weekend rolled around and Mom and I "packed" for our trip (it's an easy trip to pack for- you need so little). I picked her up at her house, chatted with my stepdad for a few minutes (he was oblivious to what we were actually doing- we told him it was a "girl's weekend), then headed off on the two hour car ride. I could tell Mom was nervous, but she was excited.

We arrived, and Mom was immediately in love with the place. She loves rustic, rural places, so the resort was right up her alley. We parked, grabbed our things and headed to the office to check in. Mom was amused at how well known I was there. The girl at the office, one of the administrators and a passer by all said "hello" to me by name. "You weren't kidding about coming here a lot," she said with a giggle. After getting our room key, Mom and I headed to our cabin and undressed. I was to give Mom the full tour.

Mom was a bit hesitant. I think she was a little overwhelmed. She'd gotten used to being naked, and being naked around me. But she hadn't been nude outdoors or with strangers. I told her we could take our time. She decided she'd at least undress, so the two of us took our clothes off and relaxed in the room for a bit. After some time, Mom decided she was okay, and we stepped out into the gorgeous sunshine.

Oh, that feeling of the sun and air on my skin! I'll never stop loving it, and the tingle it gives me in those wonderful places. I looked at Mom- she had a big grin on her face. She was loving it too. We did the tour, and I could tell Mom was quickly getting over whatever apprehensions she had about the place. After the tour, we headed to the pool for some sunbathing.

We packed a decent amount into that first day. Sunbathing, nature walk, swimming, volley ball (what is it with nudists and volley ball?), good food, meeting new friends, introducing Mom to some old friends (introducing Mom to Stan and Lucy was a bit awkward). It was a fun day, and we were both pretty wiped by the end of it.

That night, we laid on our beds in the cabin and just talked for a while. I ended up explaining to Mom about Stan and Lucy (I've never been too secretive with her, though I didn't go into all of the details). Mom guessed that coming here put lots of people "in the mood." She then admitted to me she found the experience very arousing and would need some serious release when she got home.

I too was very horny. I knew I could've gone over to Stan and Lucy's cabin, but I didn't think it was proper to leave Mom alone all night. So I told her to go ahead and make herself cum.

Mom was very surprised by my suggestion. I admitted to her that even now, I was turned on by being nude, and that I often had to play with myself while at the resort or after being at the beach. I told her about doing it in front of my friends in Florida, about doing it with Helen and Kat. Having another person could make it fun. Mom agreed.

Mom turned to face me. She leaned back in her bed, against the wall, and spread her legs. Her fuzzy pussy was open to me, and I leaned back in my bed to face her, opening my legs. I was so wet. I didn't waste any time, rubbing my lips, my clit, pushing a finger inside. I watched as Mom gently rubbed her clit with one hand while pushing a finger in with the other. She gasped, and I gasped, and we both moaned, and our breathing got faster, and faster.

I didn't last long. I squealed as an orgasm ripped through me, shaking me with so much pleasure. I kept going as Mom began to cum, and felt another orgasm come on. We both squealed with delight as we came. We sat for a while, enjoying the moment, catching our breath. Mom had her eyes closed, and gently traced her fingers around her pussy, moving up her belly, over her breasts. She's something else, I'll tell you that.

We masturbated once more that night, then went to bed out of sheer exhaustion. The next day, we found a nice young single man and brought him back to the cabin that night and I had a three way with a stranger and my Mom. Can't really talk about that too much here, but it was an experience, I'll tell you that.

I'd say I'm worried about Mom cheating on my step dad, but he's kind of an asshole and I'm pretty sure he's cheated on her.

Anyway, Mom's a full on nudist now. She says she's naked as often as possible, and loves showing off her body. And I'm glad I could give that to her.



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