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Getting Laser Treatment

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Getting Laser treatment just got more fun


I have just gone back for my third laser treatment. I have hardly had to shave in the past 5 months as I have been going through these treatments. On top of that the area is completely smooth, and you do not have to deal with the stubble at all.

When I started the laser treatments I was a bit nervous, seeing that a young quite beautiful lady would be treating me. During the first two trips to the salon I was able to mostly control myself, and only experienced a slight hardon, but for some reason the last treatment was different. I was feeling horny when I woke up, but thought it would pass. When I arrived, she had me strip down, and processed to check out the area. She does give me a paper cloth that modestly hides my penis, but in reality you are totally out there to be seen. She starts out by lightly touching and using tweezers to pull out a few hairs. Just the light touch starts a slight hardon. Then she checks out the base of my cock for hairs and my scrotum. By this time I have a hardon, which I'm trying to hide with this paper cloth, which I must say is impossible to do as she can feel it as she checks me out. Next she has to apply a numbing solution before starting the laser treatment. She rubs it completely over my pubic area, my upper thighs and base of my scrotom. Then she spends time rubbing it into my scrotum and the base of my penis. Again I experience a raging hardon, and do everything to try and hide it. The worst is because I'm horny as hell I start to worry this might actually make me cum. Finally the rubbing is done, and she leaves me for a while as the solution sets in.

Now on to the treatment. By this time my hardon is gone and I am trying to think about anything but getting another one. But in she comes, and starts out by outlining the area to be treated, and as soon as she touches me I feel a tingle. Next she rubs on a solution applied before doing the laser, and now I fee myself growing again. She starts at my naval and works toward my penis, and as she gets to the base of my penis it is rock hard. I am trying to pull my penis down and to the side so it is out of the way, and hopefully not noticeable that it is hard. Not easy to do. Next comes the penis and scrotum for one side. She lightly puts her fingers on the base of the penis to hold it while she guides the laser, and damned it if doesn't seem to get harder. I'm trying to look at anything but her. Next is the scrotum on one side and then on to the anus. After this she has to rub aloe over the treated area, and seems to spend more time rubbing it into the scrotum then any other area. By now I know I have the hardon for the rest of the treatment as there is no way I can control it, I'm just hoping I don't blow cum all over the place.

On to the second side, this time when she gets to the penis it seems to take a bit more time, as by now I can hardly hold my penis off to the side. It seems like she is spending an hour doing my penis and scrotum, and I start to feel like I am ready to blow my load. Luckily I have this paper cloth tightly wrapped around my penis, as by now I have my fist around my penis trying to hold it out of the way. So now she starts to rub on the aloe, and she rubs it into my pubic area making sweeping motions toward the base of the penis, lightly rubbing it into the base of the penis. Next she does the scrotum, and by now I know I am going to cum, so as she rubs it into the scrotum, I blow my load into the paper cloth, and try to act like nothing has happened. It's mind blowing and I have no idea if she notices or not, but it would be difficult for her not to notice.

I get cleaned up and it is time to pay and leave and we set up my next appointment for ten weeks from now. She smiles and off I go, now I am dreaming about getting the next treatment, wondering if we will repeat the last one.



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